23/05/2024 9:35 AM


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Drug Testing Consortiums Offer Many Benefits

Consortium members benefit from DOT random drug testing rules

Many employers participate in one DOT drug testing program consortium. The Department of Transportation typically offers consortiums to employers. The concept can also be applied to the general workforce. 

FYI, consortiums are pluralized into consortia. It can be challenging to administer a drug testing program and requires specialized staff. This is even more challenging if you’re managing hundreds of employees. Any business would feel overwhelmed by it. Drug testing consortiums make this unnecessary.

Simplifying employment screening is one of our top priorities. We can accomplish this with a drug testing consortium. Here’s why we recommend joining a drug testing consortium for small and medium-sized businesses. 

You save money this way

You can reduce your direct costs by joining a drug testing consortium. Describe the process. Many companies offer volume-based pricing. As a result, you pay less per unit of testing. Using a lab for drug testing won’t be the most cost-effective option for small businesses. Getting discounted prices with economies of scale is possible if you work with a consortium.

This will also reduce the number of tests your company has to conduct. We will assume that your company undergoes random testing at a rate of 50 percent. Your company has ten employees. Each employee must be tested five times. Imagine that you have 10 employees and 100 others. A 50% pass rate is required for the consortium as a whole. If you fail this, you will not be able to hire your employees. You won’t have to test them as much. While still maintaining compliance, you are reducing the number of random tests your company conducts. In a way, you’re cheating. 

Indirect costs can also be reduced by joining a drug testing consortium. Drug testing involves many service providers. For example, MROs, collection sites, and laboratories may be involved. Each drug test may result in up to three bills. Your bills can be merged by a drug testing consortium. Hopefully, this will relieve some of the stress on your accounts payable department.


Support from Experts

Testing for drugs and alcohol can be complex under federal and state regulations. It will sometimes be unclear what action you should take. You can access knowledgeable and experienced individuals through a drug testing consortium. Such individuals can help you make tough decisions. 

It can be quite challenging to implement a comprehensive drug program from scratch. A drug testing consortium provides a great starting point. It is possible to adopt an existing workplace drug testing program. 

You will have less administrative work to do

The process of drug testing involves a lot of service agents, as I mentioned before. A large coordination effort is necessary when contracting with laboratories, MROs, and collection sites. It’s even more difficult if your company has multiple locations. Drug testing consortiums with well-established service agent networks will have existing services. They can be enrolled without requiring you to execute individual contracts. 

Maintaining a drug testing program also involves other administrative requirements. Record keeping, quality control, and filing are some of them. A drug testing consortium should handle these tasks on your behalf. The time your staff spends on these tasks will be freed up.

Reducing the administrative burden is also made easier by technology. Many records need to be maintained. Employee records, drug test results, and alcohol test results are included. There is a lot of information here. Find a tech company that can provide this. Records are stored electronically and are integrated with eCCF, so it should help you locate them. eCCF is an electronic chain of custody. This will save you time so you don’t have to keep track of forms and search for test records. 

This is why you should join a consortium for drug testing. DOT-regulated and general employers can take advantage of it. Among the benefits are a reduction in costs, expert support, and streamlined administration.