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The Queen Of Beauty

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade is now a 25-year-old beauty influencer



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Hands up who can’t resist another beauty influencer follow, even though their news feed is already chock-full of them?

Our latest follow is a 25-year-old called Hailie Jade, who already has over 2 million followers. Her content is mostly made up of fitness, fashion, the places she’s traveled and her beauty routine, but there’s something else her pretty, well-curated grid doesn’t give away… she’s got a very famous dad.

If you were old enough to enjoy Eminem’s music back in the noughties, the name Hailie will ring a bell. That’s because she’s the hip-hop star’s daughter, and her name featured in more than 20 of his songs.

But Hailie certainly hasn’t used her dad’s name to further her career, because as far as we can see, he doesn’t appear anywhere on her grid or in her stories (look harder and you might find something we missed). the same goes for Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers), who has never posted a picture of his daughter on his Instagram.

Despite this, her followers still can’t resist drawing comparisons. Hailie shared a gorgeous selfie, showing off her makeup skills with some dramatic red eye wings, glowy skin and a natural nude lip. She also wore a black scarf on her head, bandana-style, and her long hair gently curled.

She captioned the post: “this was on stories but i felt like it deserved a place on the feed 💗” and a follower almost immediately commented underneath: “That head tie tho
It reminds me on your father’s style on 02 😢”

Another added: “Looking like your daddy what a queen 😮”

In a recent video, Hailie filmed her weekend makeup look, urging fans to save it and recreate it for their next happy hour. She used a Morphe eyeshadow palette, Maybelline concealer, NYX eye pencil and Rimmel London lip pencil, and to be honest… we’re saving the look and recreating it for our next happy hour.

She also saves plenty of makeup tutorials to her story highlights, chatting to camera as she goes from bare-faced to fully glammed up.



Hailie seems to be a big fan of brands such as Morphe, Smashbox Cosmetic, Bobbi Brown and Revlon, but we suspect she’s being approached by all the big brands these days if her spot-on beauty content is anything to go by…

Perhaps she could get her dad to rap in the background of one of her tutorials? No?

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