26/05/2024 6:23 AM


The Queen Of Beauty

Fashion Week’s Coolest Street Style Stars Are Behind-the-Scenes

New York Fashion Week is coming up on September 8, with all eyes on the clothing on and off the runway. 

Attendees tend to go to the shows dressed to impress in their finest designer goods. The VIP guests always jumpstart some new trend or breakout piece, like that 2019 season when everyone wore the Bottega heels. Yet, behind the scenes, fashion publicists—as in, the clipboard and earpiece-clad professionals who organize and run the shows—are just as chic (though they often eschew the spotlight). One of the reasons they’re hard to spot come showtime is because of the industry standard, all-black uniform they wear while ushering in important guests—but these eight publicists rise above the standard and consistently embody their personal style on the job. 

Their fashion aesthetics range from the artistic (Comme des Garçons’ head of communications and marketing, Daphne Seybold, for instance, sports the label’s voluminous wears like no other), to trendy and bold (PR maven Sandrine Charles, who represents brands such as Daily Paper and Recreational Habits, has a closet full of Bottega Veneta and Amina Muaddi). Better than a curated catwalk look, their outfits are totally authentic and self-styled.

Take it from us: if you’re looking for outfit inspiration this season, look past the runways and street style stars in the front row. 

Below, 8 stylish publicists and what they’ll be wearing this fashion week.

Gia Kuan
Founder & Principal, Gia Kuan Consulting
Signature style: Channeling the mood of my teen self forever, with a dash of boss. Plus, I always love a two-piece, power-woman ensemble.
Favorite brands: Weslah, Puppets and Puppets, Telfar, Yueqi Qi, PRISCAVera, Area, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Saint Sintra, Stussy.
Fashion week vibe: Comfort is key and two-piece suits are always my go-to, but I usually up it with the bling and nails and hair and accessories.

Photo: Courtesy of Gia Kuan