First date jitters!

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Getting ready for a first date can be an anxious experience. One needs to think about what to wear, what one will talk about the whole night, and what one will be eating and drinking because no one wants to eat something very messy and spill everywhere. In addition, one must consider make-up options as some do not believe in wearing makeup, and others wish to have a full-on face of makeup. If one is new to the world of make-up and wants to find out about the various products, reading an Ecosmetics review might help. Once one has the make-up knowledge, try it and find someone to go on a date with; reading some free dating site reviews may encourage one to get out there and find their special someone!

First impressions

Research suggests that when one meets someone new, it only takes seven seconds to create an impression. First impressions are calculated by individuals when one looks at the other person’s appearance. For example, by looking at the clothes they are wearing. Looking at the person’s body language also says a lot. For instance, if the person’s arms are crossed, and they approach one quietly, one assumes they are shy. However, if one makes significant steps toward them and hugs them, one deduces they are friendly and open. Furthermore, one’s makeup choices add to the appearance and thus contribute to the first 7 seconds impression the person will be left with.

Should one say yes to make up for the first date?

A first date is now the perfect time where one will form these impressions, so it is essential that one portrays themselves realistically in the light they want to be seen. Many women will wear makeup as it makes them feel ‘prettier’. Living in a world like this with constant beauty pressures, where so much emphasis is placed on looking beautiful, young girls are encouraged to wear more makeup to cover up any signs of possible flaws. On the other hand, some women want to wear make-up to improve their appearance, but in doing so, they will keep a more natural look and use make-up minimally. By doing this, one can see that effort has been put into one’s appearance, but it also allows one’s natural beauty to shine through. On the opposite end of the scale, a few ladies do not believe in wearing make-up and will opt out of wearing it for the first date.

Is make-up the answer?

Doing what you feel works best for you and reflects your authentic look and personality is essential. It is pointless to plaster your face with makeup for a first date if you do not do that regularly, as this will create a fake first impression. On the flip side, if you wear makeup regularly, not wearing makeup for a first date may reflect a lack of interest. Many men have different opinions on whether they like make-up on girls. It is your face and your decision to do what works best for you. Just remember that sometimes adding a little bit of mascara and lipgloss shows that you put effort into getting ready for the date and can go a long way.

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