25/04/2024 10:41 AM


The Queen Of Beauty

For My Mama, Thank You

I’ve been lucky that my entire life I’ve had strong women figures around me. Independence and equality as a woman was never an issue because it was always instilled in me that I could do whatever I set my mind to. From my incredible Grandmas, to my fearless Aunties, and my amazing Mom, I couldn’t ask for better role models. This Mother’s Day I’m singing the praises of my gorgeous, intelligent and kind Mama. 

Katie and Mom at her romantic chateau wedding in Aix en Provence, France

A love letter to my Mom

Mom, you inspire me every single day! Your incredible work ethic and passion for helping others makes me strive to be a better person and has taught me perseverance. Watching you go through medical school with two young kids at home and then being there while you took the leap and start your own medical practice (which is now a raving success!) showed me that I can make my goals come to fruition. Having a vision, putting in the hard work, implementing bright ideas and surrounding yourself with people who cheer you on–you do this every day and it gave me the courage to start my own business. 

Jewelry designer, Katie Dean and her Mom on a walk in sunny Florida wearing Katie's handmade dainty miniamal jewelry


It’s no secret that you are the most beautiful model of the jewels too! Whether you’re wearing the All seeing Eye Necklace, Mama Necklace or the Pearl Hoops, you’re the epitome of natural elegance and beauty. You never over stressed wearing make up and you are always comfortable in your own skin, a trait that I’m SO happy I got from you especially in this day and age of keeping up with the Jone’s. You constantly remind me of what truly matters in life, family, love, treating people with respect and being kind to name a few. 


As a busy working professional woman I love hearing your feedback of what jewels are easiest to put on in the mornings before heading into the office and after a long days work talking to you about challenges that you’re facing or that I’m facing in business — it is such a blessing being able to talk to you about anything. You’re the best sounding board, helping me work through different solutions and coming up with bright ideas. Never letting me go into self doubt, always pushing me to stay in control and persist until I overcome whatever barrier I’m running into. I don’t take your guidance for granted and I never will.

Bottom line is, I love you so much and I’m so grateful for all your help and love Mama! I’m so excited to to continue to create an endless amount of golden memories together. Love, love, love you and Happiest Mother’s Day yet!!!


XOXOXO, Your Daughter

Jewelry designer, Katie Dean and her beautiful Mom, Dr. Ann Auburn in Aix en Provence, France