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From Beauty To Fashion, Here Are Five Ways To Add Shimmer To Your Look!

We women are faced with various fashion choices to make on a daily basis. Moreover, who does not like to look good? Keeping in mind your love for fashion and desire to look good we are back again with another set of fashion tips! This time it is on the inclusion of shimmer in your look!

Shimmer is that one pattern that can never go out of fashion. However, it is also a very tricky element to deal with. If you overdo your shimmer, you will end up looking extremely tacky but if you do not include it well, you will end up looking like you do not belong at the party!

So here are five sure-shot ways to include shimmer in your look!

The Shimmery Eyes

Priyanka wearing a hat: shimmer eyes makeup

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shimmer eyes makeup

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Perfect for an outfit that has a solid colour, shimmery eyes will never deceive you! You can do this in two ways, apply your eye makeup and then touch it up with glitter or just use shimmery shadow in the first place. The first option will obviously sparkle more so it is recommended for a party that has a greater gathering. This element works best if you are someone who does not want to go overboard with their outfit but still wants to keep up the spirit of the party!

A Purse

Another subtle way to add shimmer to your look is by carrying a shimmery purse. You know how men match their belts with their shoes? We suggest you match your purse with your heels. The reason why shimmery heels cannot add to your look alone is because the length of your outfit may hide it. However, if you have a shimmery purse in your hand and shimmery footwear that makes its public appearance from beneath your dress every once in a while, your look will come out to be extremely elegant!

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Sparkly Lipstick

a close up of a woman with blue eyes: shimmer lipstick makeup nia sharma

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shimmer lipstick makeup nia sharma

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This one is for all those women out there who love to experiment with their lip shades and do not get intimidated by the constant stares of people. No matter what outfit you wear, what accessories you put, nobody will be able to take their eyes off your lips!

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a hand holding a cell phone: shimmery sparkly earrings

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shimmery sparkly earrings

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This is an element that has been most worn by all the Bollywood divas and other celebrities. Wear a very elegant dress, make sure the neck is deep, preferably wear a dress in which your shoulders are seen. Wear vertically long earrings. If you are wearing a dress, opt for long ones, however, in the case of an Indian outfit, opt for round and big earrings. Either way, make sure there is no fabric near your neck to distract the attention from the earrings.


Kiara Advani posing for a picture: shimmery golden dress kiara advani

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shimmery golden dress kiara advani

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The most common one but this is where everyone goes wrong and we will tell you why. If you are wearing an outfit that shimmers(read more on party dresses), keep your makeup solid. If you are wearing a golden dress, have your face in the shades of brown. Carry a solid colour purse. Do not overdo the shimmer since the dress is adding a big enough shimmer element already!

Make sure you follow these tips to rock your party! We hope you liked this article. If you wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi!