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Here’s What to Write in a Wedding Card to Make Their Big Day Even Sweeter

When it comes to weddings, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that Alex Drummond’s wedding with Mauricio Scott takes the cake. The lovebirds transformed Drummond Ranch into a flower-filled wonderland, Paige gave the maid of honor speech to end all maid of honor speeches, and, well, it was generally the most excitement we’ve experienced since that time a rat barged in while Ree was filming her cooking show.

True story.

But here’s the thing—and no, we’re not just saying this to say it: Every wedding is special. Really. Anytime a couple makes a solemn vow to be with each other until the end, you can count on us to cry our eyes out and swear we’ve never seen anything more romantic. Which is why we’re sharing this list of the best wedding wishes—sentimental, meaningful things you can say or write to the newlyweds in your own life. Everyone deserves to be showered with love on their wedding day, and that’s where these lovely sayings come into play. If you’re not sure what to write in a wedding card (or a bridal shower card, for that matter), you’ve come to the right place. Funny wedding wishes, formal wedding wishes, wedding wishes for colleagues, friends, sons, and daughters, wishes that double as anniversary gifts… we’ve got them all right here.

Formal Wedding Wishes

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

  • Wishing you true happiness and fulfillment on this beautiful day.

  • Cheers to a lifetime of happiness.

  • May your marriage bring you incredible joy and lasting happiness.

  • May the years ahead be filled with so much love.

  • Congratulations on your marriage! Here’s to a lifetime of love.

  • May today be the beginning of a beautiful tomorrow.

  • Wishing you a beautiful start to forever.

  • It’s wonderful to witness your love for and commitment to each other today.

  • May your bond grow stronger each and every day.

  • I’m honored to be a part of your special day.

Funny Wedding Wishes for Friends

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

  • Finally. Happy wedding day, friend!

  • Sending lots of love to you… and lots of luck to your new spouse. They don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into.

  • Can’t wait for the best party ever. I mean—your wedding day. Congratulations!

  • Here’s the secret to a happy, peaceful marriage: …oh wait, nobody knows that. Best of luck to you two!

  • It’s all downhill from here, friend. (Just kidding.)

Wedding Wishes for a Colleague

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

  • Best wishes on your marriage—I hope it’s a beautiful, memorable day!

  • Sending you all the best, today and every day!

  • Here’s to many happy years together. Have a wonderful wedding!

  • Congratulations on your wedding!

  • Wishing you a lifetime of love and so much happiness.

  • Enjoy every minute of today!

  • Wishing you a long and happy marriage.

  • Here’s to an exciting and happy future together.

  • I’m honored to share this day with you.

  • I hope your wedding is wonderful and memorable in every way.

Meaningful Wedding Wishes

Photo credit: Ashley Alexander

Photo credit: Ashley Alexander

  • As the days go by, may your love sustain you.

  • You have my love and support today and always—I hope you know that.

  • Never forget what brought you two together.

  • Here’s to finding your soulmate.

  • Keep your mind on what matters—love—and the rest will always fall into place.

  • The connection you share is so beautiful. May you cherish and honor it.

  • May your love help you overcome whatever life throws at you.

  • We are all honored to be here to celebrate this sacred connection.

  • Your dream has come true! I hope you never forget what this day feels like.

  • True love conquers all. May you remember that each and every day of your marriage.

  • Your love is an inspiration to us all.

  • I can’t wait to raise a glass to your beautiful relationship tonight.

  • I hope you take a moment to look around—this room is full of people who love you.

  • This day symbolizes so much more than a wedding. It’s a symbol of a life commitment, and it’s so meaningful.

  • May you two continue to be this much in love, always. Most importantly, may you be best friends for life.

Wedding Wishes for a Son or Daughter

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

Photo credit: Grant Daniels

  • I couldn’t be prouder of the person you’ve become. Congratulations, son/daughter!

  • It’s a joy to watch you step into this new chapter.

  • I’m raising a glass to you tonight.

  • Here’s to you and your true love. Enjoy today.

  • If this marriage brings you half as much happiness as you’ve brought to me over the years, you’ll be the luckiest person in the world.

  • I’ve gotten a front row seat to this love story, and I’m so lucky for that.

  • As your mom, I couldn’t be more overjoyed to watch this day unfold.

  • It makes me so happy to see you marrying your soulmate.

  • I always knew you’d find someone as special as you are.

  • This day means so much to me. It’s a wonderful feeling getting to witness your love.