23/05/2024 5:54 PM


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Home Deluxe: Alexander Thoss’ Nationally-Recognized Brand from a Small Town

In this day and age, online shopping is immensely popular, with so many people opting to shop from the comfort of their homes rather than visiting a physical store. This is because shopping online is more convenient, and there are no long lines or crowds. It also gives you the ability to purchase goods from stores that are much further away and present you with many options. The current trend has now led to more online shops opening up, with some like Home Deluxe rising to the top.

While it started as a small business, Home Deluxe has grown to become a nationally recognized brand providing consumers with all their home decor products. They are revolutionizing online shopping, creating better experiences for the buyer while providing them with convenience.

Home Deluxe’s unique approach, diversity, and mission to give back to the community are part of what sets the business apart. Having been in the industry for years, the rich network that they have built is allowing them to supply their customers with a vast choice of quality products. Home Deluxe has sponsored the Haas F1 team and also sponsors of the Handball World cup in Egypt.

According to Alexander Thoss, CEO of Home Deluxe, wants to show others in the entrepreneurial space that while it might get difficult to establish your company, nothing is unattainable. When he launched Home Deluxe, Alexander didn’t have enough capital, let alone working experience or knowledge in the eCommerce sector.

He was a poker player and was looking to start something new when he noticed a gap in the eCommerce sector. Alexander and his family had attended his uncle’s birthday party, and he was shown a steam shower whirlpool. To Alexander’s surprise, his father seemed very interested, and he even wanted to buy one as well.

However, as they were talking more about the whirlpool and the price, it dawned on Alexander that, unlike other commodities that are so popular, many people do not know the price range, so there’s no way of comparing costs. This is partly due to the fact that such items are not often found online. After Alexander’s eye-opening experience, some days later, he ordered his first container of showers from China.

He set up the 40 showers with his best friend and started selling them online, restocking once they cleared the inventory. As their venture continued to grow, they were also expanding by building Home Deluxe. Today they have more than 200 products that they sell online. They also have exclusive partnerships with various brands like Arminia Bielefeld and have admissions to the Foundation Advisory Board of Gauselmann AG.

In the coming years, Alexander Thoss says his aim is to grow the company even further, something he is calling 30 to 30. By 2030, our goal is to have opened 30 Home Deluxe stores throughout Budenweit and have more products added to our site, says Alexander Thoss. He also hopes to help other entrepreneurs reach their goals by sharing what he has learned in his journey to financial success.