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How AR Helps You Shop Better Online

Augmented reality (AR) has redefined eCommerce, making your shopping experience easier. This technology changes a real environment by virtually enhancing it, allowing you to experience a virtual representation of the product.

AR includes a representation of features from reality, such as sound and visual effects. So, how do these make your online shopping experience better? Let’s take a look.

Product Information Is Presented Thoroughly

AR allows you to see and examine a product’s features without having to step into the store. This presents a personalized visual of the product from the comfort of your home, or from any location of your choice.

This way, It is also easier to customize certain elements to your preference, such as size, colour or designs. eCommerce stores provide 3D interactive models of products so that your online shopping experience is as close to reality as possible.

As the technological age advances, modern applications continue to develop. With the help of AR, potential consumers are able to try on a product via a digital service.

IKEA, for example, has been using AR on it’s “Place” app for a while. On this app, you’re able to use your camera to see how a piece of furniture would fit into your space and virtually place it where it would be best suited.

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Lacoste, meanwhile, lets you try on shoes by pointing your camera to your foot on their AR app. And some accessory retailers, like Sephora, have a virtual try-before-you-buy feature. Thanks to this, you never have to make a blind purchasing mistake ever again.

You Can Save Time

Hourglass on top of a desk.

It’s no surprise that an AR-based retail experience can be quicker and more efficient than the traditional shopping process.

The online clothing industry, for example, has interactive mirrors that allow you to try on different outfits without wearing them. You could stand in front of these mirrors and virtually move through outfits that you get to put together, giving you an idea of how they would fit in real life.

Navigation apps can help you find your way around a store and even direct you to specific products as you shop. This way, you don’t need to look for a floor sales person and you are in charge of your shopping. This is both time efficient and allows for a seamless shopping trip.

Cup on an espresso maker.

Have you purchased an electronic device and could not seem to understand how it works? Nobody enjoys having to return products to the store, but it’s an unfortunate reality that many stores will need to deal with this. AR can help them to eliminate this factor, while also saving you the stress of doing so.

For instance, let’s say that you just bought a new coffee machine and can’t figure out how it works. Sometimes, using a new coffee machine is not as clear as it should be. To help, you could use AR user manuals. With AR manuals, all you have to do is scan the machine on your device and see what each button means.

Augmented Reality Is Changing eCommerce Forever

AR has switched up the online shopping industry and reduced the barriers between land-based and internet stores. The technology not only makes your shopping experience more convenient; it can also make it much more fun.

Over the coming years, you can expect AR to play an integral role in more people’s online shopping experiences. And as eCommerce sites learn more about the technology, they’ll likely make it an important part of their customer retention strategies.

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