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How to Boost Product Sales on Amazon: Seven Tactical Ways

Selling more products on Amazon requires a tactical approach that marries strategic techniques with close monitoring and quick response. Here are seven practices that will help deliver optimal results.

Optimize your listings regularly – Below is a checklist detailing the crucial aspects of optimizing your listings. They should not only be capable of persuading your target buyers but also be compliant with the algorithms of Amazon SEO.

Keywords are relevant. 

Brand name, product features, materials used, and other essential product information should be included.

Eye-catching, professionally captured images that conform to Amazon’s guidelines are in place. 

High-quality images highlight the value points of the product. 

Optimize the pages for both Amazon and Google. 

It helps to obtain a Category Listing Report whose access you can request from Seller Support. The report will present your listing in a flat file. In this format, spotting gaps and errors become easier. 

Leverage several channels in marketing your products – It is a given that marketing on Amazon puts your products directly before your intended buyers. But to fully maximize the advantages of your marketing campaign, include other channels outside the platform. It also helps if you have a dedicated website for your brand. In a nutshell, here is a list of widely known channels where you can market your products.


Your online store

Your website



PPC advertisements 




Affiliate marketing websites

Guest posts on different types of blogs

Encourage favourable reviews from customers – Your customers’ positive reviews are real testimonials. They work well in convincing potential buyers to make a purchase. In the process, they succeed in elevating your page’s ranking. Hence, they influence your Best Seller Ranking (BSR). More importantly; they provide valuable insight that you can use in further enhancing your product and service to improve your customers’ experience in the future.

Take advantage of Amazon’s Sponsored Advertising solutions – Promoting your product on Amazon, positions your brand directly in front of potential buyers. To leverage their PPC advertising benefits, employ a variety of strategies. With proper use, advertising on the marketplace assists in boosting conversion in various areas of the sales funnel.

Pay attention to your performance via established metrics – Amazon closely monitors the sellers’ performance. For this reason, it has developed a variety of metrics that gauge each seller’s capacity to deliver top-notch customer service. They are as follows:

  1. Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  2. Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate (PFCR)
  3. Late Dispatch Rate (LDR)
  4. Policy Violations
  5. Buyer-Seller Contact Response Time (CRT)

Keep a well-stocked inventory – A well-stocked inventory increases the organic ranking of your pages on Amazon. If you were to manage it alone, you might find yourself overwhelmed. You may be left with little time to focus on other equally important aspects of running your business. To make the process smooth, you can take advantage of specially programmed software or rely on the proficiency of qualified personnel who can manage amazon inventory on your behalf.

Dominate the competition and be highly eligible for Buy Box – Surviving the highly competitive environment of the marketplace means learning what your competitors are up to. When you are familiar with their strategies, you will have a better chance to design tactics that could edge them out. Help increase your brand’s influence by being highly qualified to win the Buy Box.