How to Put on Shoes Easily

Did you know that most of us don’t learn how to tie our shoes until we are about six-years old? The task of tying one’s shoes requires advanced skills of dexterity and coordination. Not to mention those who may have a physical hinderance or disability making shoe tying even more difficult. The bottom line is, tying your shoes is not child’s play! 

There are countless situations we will find ourselves in where being able to put on our shoes more easily would be a huge benefit. If you don’t believe that, think about the last time you were rushing out the door with your arms loaded with stuff, kids running all around and the dog jumping up on everything. The last thing kids want to do before leaving the house, is putting on their shoes. 

Think back on the last time you had to go through TSA at the airport and take off your shoes. Maybe you were the one that held up the line because you forgot (as we all do), that we need to be barefoot during our overall humiliation at security check-in. It definitely would make life easier if there was a way to put on shoes easily – slide on sneakers are the answer. 

No Sitting, No Bending

There is a lot more involved in putting on your shoes than simply tying the laces. Which means the Velcro craze in the mid-eighties didn’t exactly solve everything. With traditional shoes, you normally have to sit down in order to put them on. If you have ever tried to put on your shoes while standing then you know there is no graceful way to do it. If there isn’t a seat readily available, we tend to “hug” or lean on the nearest wall, pole, chair, or nearby person so we can make some attempt to “slide” them on. 

If you are lucky enough to have a place to sit to put on your shoes, there may still be problems. At some point in your life a back strain is inevitable, and when that happens any type of bending is likely to be impossible not to mention extremely painful. It is important to also remember, many people have health conditions preventing them from the ease of bending (even when in a seated position). 

Your back is not the only thing that may be put under strain in the bending category: what about your legs and knees? Mine hurt at the mere mention of putting on shoes, especially since I am always twisting them into an unnatural position every time I put on shoes.  

A slide on sneaker would eliminate the need to sit or bend when putting on shoes. You no longer have to worry about having a place to sit down, or having to bend and twist your back or legs to put them on either.

Hands Free

A slide on sneaker that is completely hands-free, helps a lot toward putting on your shoes easily. Picture this irritating scenario that we have all encountered at some point in our lives: the hosts who insist you leave your shoes at the door. Unless this is a tradition of a respected, ancient culture, this request can give us all a slight panic. 

This goes beyond remembering to wear clean socks for such a situation. Any of the reasons previously mentioned can make the art of taking off shoes difficult, not to mention having to do it in front of your friends, family, and office colleagues!  

It can even be worse – you are able bodied and manage to bend or sit to remove your shoes, but as soon as you enter the party the host inevitably offers you an appetizer. Since most of us prefer not to eat immediately after removing our footwear, a slide on sneaker could help us avoid these awkward social moments. 

On Another Level

Several reviewers speak of how their lives have been made monumentally easier with slide on sneakers. One example is a user with Parkinson’s who is finally able to put on (and take off) his shoes easily. The convenience of a slide on sneaker can benefit us all at one point. Beyond that however, for some of us, our inability to put on shoes the traditional way is not a temporary situation. 

The best way to know if slide on sneakers make putting your shoes on easier, is to give them a try yourself. Companies like Kizik make a slide on sneaker with External Cage technology.  This allows you to simply step into the shoe, crush the heel, and it pops right back up! 

Put on your shoes easier than you ever thought was possible, and look good doing it with slide on sneakers from a company like Kizik.