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Kids Clothing Stores With Affordable, Trendy Fashion

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Whether you have four kids (like me), or one, it can feel like 20 to your bank account when it’s time to shop for back-to-school. With most places returning to in-person learning in September, kids have got to step up their style game. 

Plus, kids grow so fast — you don’t want to break the bank on clothes (and shoes) they’ll likely outgrow in a month or two! 

So without further ado, here’s our list of the best stores for affordable clothes for kids. And read on for tips for buying cheap kids clothes the right way so you don’t spend any more than you have to. Plus, check out more of our fashion recommendations for all ages and cheap baby clothes.

Stores for Trendy Kids Clothing

Abercrombie Kids

Image: Abercrombie Kids

Just like its adult counterpart, Abercrombie Kids is full of the trendiest, coolest apparel around both online and in stores. And if you’re specifically shopping for denim, this is the store to flock to. Ranging in kid sizes for ages 5 years and up, the affordable retailer won’t let you down in quality and awesome selection.

Prices: $15 and up


Image: FabKids

This is a membership-based retailer for under $40 a month, but you get great deals on trendy all-original clothes you won’t find anywhere else (like two pairs of sneakers for under $10) for both boys and girls, shipped right to your door. They also style outfits for you to make shopping even easier. 

Prices: $9.95 and up


Image: H&M

This trend-based Euro-retailer is a favorite for fashionista moms-in-the-know, and equally popular with their kids. H&M’s merchandise sells out quickly because the prices are super reasonable. The store is an easy and cheap way to get trendy clothes without paying trendy prices.

Prices: $8.99 & up

Kids Stores for Basic Essentials


Image: Carter’s

Carter’s has been around for generations and there’s a reason — the soft comfy separates like leggings, joggers and long-sleeve tees, are a favorite for kids at prices parents love.

Prices: $5 and up

Lands’ End

Image: Lands’ End

We loved Lands’ End before, when we received their glossy catalogs in the mail or shopped at their installations in Sears (RIP). But now, we love them even more for not only uniform basics and preppy kids clothes, but an adaptive collection to make dressing easy for kids with disabilities and sensory needs.

Prices: $25 and up

Old Navy

Image: Old Navy

The lower-priced counterpart of Athleta and Gap, Old Navy offers stylish basics at affordable price points. And the kids offerings are no different, with cute and comfy dresses, separates, graphic tees and accessories, you’re back-to-school shopping can be finished in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. 

Prices: $3 and up 

Online Stores for Kids Clothing


Image: Amazon

With thousands of options and Prime shipping, it’s hard to resist shopping Amazon when it comes to shopping for kids. If you’re looking for something specific (such as a “pink ruffled dress”), the search function is easy to use and fun to sift through all the options for the best deal. Plus, Amazon sells kids brands for girls, boys and babies like Amazon Fashion and The Children’s Place, including its Uniform Place, Under Armour, Izod, Levi’s and more.

Prices: $5 and up


Image: Primary

No labels, no slogans. Just super soft, sustainable, simpler clothes that your kids will love at Primary. Shop for everything on your list (from pajamas to outerwear), by size or by color, without breaking the bank. 

Prices: $22 and up at Primary 


Image: Zulilly

Now owned by Qurate Group (the same as home shopping giants QVC & HSN), Zulily started as a flash sale site for bargains for kids and has morphed into so much more. Because the selection changes daily, you need to subscribe to get notified when the brands you like are up on the site. 

Prices: $1 and up

Discount Stores for Kids Clothing


Image: Target

When referring to Target, it’s hard to define it. Is it a department store, a grocery store, a discount store or a home store? A social media phenomenon? Or all of the above? Is it just a place moms go to sip Starbucks and get away, while they browse all the store’s offerings (and buy things they need and some others they don’t?) It’s no doubt, that Target is a favorite for quality on a budget, and their expansive children’s offerings with in-house brands make it a one-stop shop. 

Prices: $10 and up


Image: Walmart

Walmart sells kids clothing brands by big names like Champion and Reebok but also features the tween store Justice, making the fashion possibilities for your kids endless.

Prices: $5 and up

Department Stores for Kids Clothing


Image: Belk

Belk carries a plethora of kids clothing options ranging in sizes from newborns to big kids. Whether it’s back-to-school shopping that’s on your agenda or picking up some essentials, Belk is your go-to store to get everything you need at wallet-friendly prices.

Prices: $10 and up


Image: JCPenney

JCPenney has been around for decades offering a great selection of apparel at even better prices. Moms love it for the often-hard-to-find “husky” sizes for boys and plus for girls. They also offer national brands and uniforms plus clothes emblazoned with kids favorite characters like Disney and Marvel Comics.

Prices: $10 and up


Image: Kohl’s

In an age where most people are shopping online, Kohl’s has been successful in keeping shoppers coming back for more — both in-store and online, with their coupons and Kohl’s cash (aka free money to shop). They also offer some great brand names kids love like Nike and Under Armour. 

Prices: $10 and up


Image: Macy’s

Macy’s literally has it all — and that includes baby and kid clothes. Whether you’re heading to the beach or back to school, you can score great prices on kids shoes, clothing and more.

Prices: $12 and up

Stores for Kids Uniforms

The Children’s Place

Image: Children’s Place

While many of their brick-and-mortar stores have shuttered, their website is still selling and you can score some great deals on graphic tees, pants and other essentials for young kids. Case in point, I scored a “mama’s boy” imprinted tee shirt for under $4! 

Prices: $8 and up

French Toast

Image: French Toast

Whether you’re looking for uniform pieces, or just basic polos, hoodies, sweaters, slacks and sweats, you’ll find them at French Toast. No graphic prints here, just basics that’ll last. You can also shop French Toast on Amazon, too for kids uniforms.

Prices: $13 and up

Other Retailers To Shop for Kids School Uniforms

Stores for Durable Kids Clothing


Image: Gymboree

Another retailer that fell to the internet boom, Gymboree was purchased by Children’s Place and now continues to offer quality children’s clothing at great prices. We love their hero-inspired collections including firefighters and teachers. 

Prices: $18 and up


Image: Oshkosh

There’s a reason this brand has been around since 1895. Formerly called Oshkosh B’ Gosh, it’s now just Oshkosh, but they still offer brand faves like overalls for boys and girls. Moms online tout this retailer’s clothes as durable, true to size (which means no guesswork) and good quality. 

Prices: $8.50 and up

Kids Stores for Tweens

Happy Nation

Image: Happy Nation

The gender-neutral clothing store Happy Nation is on a mission to make every tween’s journey a happy one. The brand makes sweats, swimwear, undies, bras and earth-friendly body products made just for the tween age group.

Prices: $6 and up


Image: Justice

It’s the largest tween retailer in the world, Justice caters to kids ages 6 to 12 years only. While 600 of their 800 stores are now closed, girls still clamor for their graphic leggings and hoodies online. 

Prices: $16 and up


Image: Rainbow

I consider this the best-kept secret for clothing my two tween daughters. This strip mall store (that also sells online) Rainbow is geared toward women, but with its trendy offerings and junior sizing, it’s a perfect option for girls just hitting the double digits. Plus, the prices are super wallet-friendly.

Prices: $2 and up

Stores for Discount Designer Kids Clothing


Image: Marshalls

Marshalls is famous for its selection of brand-name clothes at amazing prices and their selection for kids and teens does not disappoint. While Marshalls’ shoppers love to go dig through the racks, you can also now shop the store online. 

Prices: $5 and up

Nordstrom Rack

Image: Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack carries the amazing brands you’d find at Nordstrom but for a fraction of the price. Discounted designer brands include Z by Zella, Nike, Vans and many more. The retailer has plenty of extra opportunities to save like its monthly three-day Clear the Rack sale.

Prices: $10 and up

T.J. Maxx

Image: T.J. Maxx

A sister store to Marshall’s, you can find a stylish selection of designer clothing for kids at a discount of 30% to 50% off retail. T.J. Maxx is able to sell at such low prices because it purchases manufacturer overstock and passes those savings on to the consumer. 

Prices: $10 and up

Stores for Secondhand Kids Clothing


Image: Kidizen

Kidizen is an online and mobile marketplace that offers a shopping experience and storefront for parents to “independently create and run, earn money and find the latest styles for their kids.” The retailer was started by two moms to build a community of parents for buying and selling pre-owned kids clothes and accessories.

Prices: Varies

Mommy & Me Resale

Image: Mommy & Me Resale

Mommy & Me Resale is an online and in-store (located in Vancouver, WA) retailer for gently used baby and kid clothes and accessories. You get free shipping on clothing orders over $50 or free shipping over $25 if you live in the Vancouver area.

Prices: $1 and up

Once Upon a Child

Image: Once Upon a Child

If you haven’t heard of One Upon a Child, then here’s your crash course. You can’t shop the retailer online because it’s an in-store only secondhand store that sells gently used kids clothes, shoes, furniture, toys and baby gear. They have many locations throughout the U.S. at super affordable prices. Plus, you can make some extra cash by selling them the gently worn clothes your little ones have outgrown.

Prices: Varies


Image: ThredUP

Clothes don’t grow, but kids do. Smart parents know that kids often wear clothes only once or twice, so repurposing or purchasing used not only saves money, it helps rid the environment of waste, too. ThredUP allows you to sell and shop and offers a selection of gently used clothes from brands like Boden and Oshkosh.

Prices: $6 and up

Tips for Buying Secondhand Kids Clothes

  • Buy quality brands. Name brands or higher-end designers tend to last longer and even make it through multiple wearers. 
  • Check signs of stains or pilling, or worn treads on shoes. Pass on the item if it looks too worn. This can be hard to do when shopping online, but the descriptions and photos should show/tell you everything you need to know.

What To Know When You Shop for Kids Clothes

Anytime you shop for inexpensive clothing, it’s not enough to simply look at the price tag. Follow these tips to get kids clothes that aren’t only inexpensive, but that a good value.

  1. Buy Off Season. Time your shopping trip with when retailers stock for the next season. This can be tough to do with fast-growing kids (it takes a little bit of guesswork) but in some cases, it can save you 50% to 70% off retail. “Out of season” means buying a season behind. For example, shopping for fall clothing at the beginning of winter and shopping for summer clothing at the beginning of fall. To maximize your selection, be sure to shop just as the season changes.
  2. Buy a Slightly Larger Sizes. Especially if you’re shopping in the summer or fall for the upcoming school year and you know that sweater will likely stay in the drawer for the next month or two, be sure to size up a little so they can grow into it. 
  3. Plan Ahead. Make a list of the clothes and items you know your kids will need and then pick them up as you see them, either on sale at your favorite store, at garage sales or at flash-sale sites. This will help you stay organized and not overbuy. 
  4. Don’t Go with Trendy Styles. Especially if you’re planning to hand-me-down to younger kids or sell on a swap sale, you’ll want to opt for classic styles as opposed to something super trendy. 

How To Save the Most on Kids Clothes

Use these tactics to turbocharge your savings — and to turn expensive kids clothes into cheap kids clothes.

  1. Check Consignment and Thrift Stores, Swap Sales or Facebook Groups. Savvy moms are often looking to make a few bucks on gently used clothes, or swap for different sizes. You can take advantage by scouring online sites in your area (and save on shipping, too!) or visiting local consignment stores that cater to kids. 
  2. Be in the Know. Most people think of store emails as pesky but they can often be the first indicator when your favorite store is offering a sale. By subscribing or signing up to be a VIP, you can get first dibs on those discounts plus coupons and more. 
  3. Consider Buying Secondhand. Just like hand-me-downs, this can be a great way to save money on buying new clothes. Just be sure it’s a reputable site that offers clean clothes in good condition. 
  4. Keep Outgrown Clothes for Future Use. If you have multiple children in your family, the younger kids will benefit from the older kids hand-me-downs. Store clean clothes neatly folded in covered plastic Rubbermaid containers, so they’re in pristine condition when you’re ready to use them again. 
  5. Look for Designer Discounts or Off Price Stores. These stores purchase excess inventory directly from the manufacturer and pass those savings on to the consumer. 
  6. Use a Store Credit Card. You’ll often get exclusive discounts just for doing so. Just be sure to pay the bill in full each month to avoid interest charges, suggests Fatherly.

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