17/06/2024 1:48 PM


The Queen Of Beauty

Last Week’s $74 Kroger Shopping Trip

I was so excited that I got the roast marked down last week and we had a yummy dinner of roast and potatoes one night this past week.

We had stuffing mix that I got marked down, sausage marked down, eggs marked down, and cheese on sale and so I used it to make this new-to-us recipe, Simple Egg Bake. We served it with waffles and fruit for dinner one night this past week.

It was super simple and yummy!

I usually have salad + toast for lunch every day.

Or, sometimes, I do sliced fruit and veggies with cheese and toast or a hard boiled egg and toast. (Oh and I started eating dates every day for labor prep since I’ve only got 6-7 weeks left in this pregnancy!)

I was excited that apples were on sale for $0.98/lb again!

I was also excited that Pace salsa was on sale for $1.47/jar.s

I was excited to find some marked down pork to stick in the freezer. I like to use it in Italian dishes or to mix with ground beef for things like meat loaf and meat balls.

Cheese was on sale for $2.97 for 16 oz. with the digital coupon. I got two bags of cheese to stick in the freezer (I like to have a few bags of cheese in the freezer all the time) and the mozzarella cheese to have for lunches/snacks.

Here’s everything I got for $74 at Kroger.