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Lingerie and underwear brands with an ethical mission

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ethical underwear in Australia is an essential part of every wardrobe, so why not select the best? Selecting underwear is a very personal decision. When you shop at Ethical Clothing Australia, you can find a wide assortment of accredited underwear and lingerie brands in an array of styles and fits.

A major benefit of the ECA accreditation is that it ensures these companies value their garment workers and pay them fair wages and entitlements, according to Australian workplace laws.

Increasingly, brands use the terms “sustainable” and “ethical” in their marketing efforts, making consumers question “what does sustainability and/or ethics mean?”.”.”. Consumers should be able to distinguish between companies that are greenwashing (i.e. conveying a false message about their brand being environmentally friendly) and those that are making a real difference.

How should consumers decide whether a fashion brand is ethical? Ethics have many different interpretations when it comes to what it really means to be ethical. Some companies define ethical with regard to the fabrics they use, i.e. recycled fabrics, sustainable fabrics, etc. While these aspects are advantageous and important to Ethical Clothing Australia, being an ethical brand is about how brands treat their garment workers.

As part of ECA’s mission, the organization ensures that workers in the textile, clothing, and footwear industries receive adequate salaries, receive all of their legal rights, and have safe working conditions.

I appreciate your decision to choose an ethical brand when you are ready to purchase your next pair of underwear.

In the context of underwear and lingerie, what does ‘ethical’ mean?

The ECA has accredited these underwear and lingerie brands. By doing so, the manufacture of these underwear brands has been audited – beginning with the design phase and continuing through pattern making and dispatch – and the pay, entitlements, and safety conditions of the workers have been examined. In order to stay up to date and protect the rights of workers, the ECA’s accreditation process requires companies to undergo annual compliance audits.


What are the benefits of ethical underwear?

Buying underwear or lingerie from an ECA accredited brand ensures that your decision protects and upholds the rights of garment workers in every stage of the manufacturing process.

We have found that brands that care about their workers produce high-quality garments that you can rely on. Anyone would appreciate undies that are long-lasting and contribute to a positive cause?

Where can I find ethical underwear?

ECA’s range of accredited underwear and lingerie brands has something to suit every taste and budget, from organic basics, thermals, cozy singlets, silky knickers, flattering bralettes, and super-comfortable boxer-briefs, to slinky and extra special pieces. There is a wide range of fabrics available from accredited ECA brands, including hemp, European lace, organic cotton, bamboo and super soft merino (and many more). The choice is wide when it comes to ethical underwear.

Discover and support other ECA-accredited ethical fashion brands by shopping for ethical swimwear and activewear, as well as ethical bags and wallets.