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“MUSUBI KILN” Opened as Online Shop and Media Portal: New World Where Traditional Japanese Tableware Is Infused into Global Dining Experience of Customers | News

TOKYO, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Musubi Lab LLC has opened “MUSUBI KILN,” an online shop and media portal which opens up a new dining experience for overseas customers by introducing traditional Japanese tableware and food culture. Not only does it make accessible to traditional tableware from all over Japan, but it also contains helpful information, ranging from tips of incorporating traditional Japanese tableware into a global dining experience to the stories of in-depth look at craftsmen and their art.

Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V9Lw2WCv2lnFVizXONjpN_4TWZcm1StZ?usp=sharing

MUSUBI KILN, opened on June 1, introduces beautiful tableware such as brightly and vibrantly colored Kutani ware, Yamanaka lacquerware with beautiful wood grain, and Tobe ware which features a bold arabesque pattern by curated selection in conjunction with ways to appreciate them.

Traditional tableware is a combination of the best craftsmanship which has been passed down for generations, a design which incorporates the modern sensibility, and the dedicated pursuit to connect with users. By introducing such compelling stories behind the art, not just as an object, MUSUBI KILN will support customers in gaining a deeper dining experience. MUSUBI KILN will offer such traditional tableware, including some uniquely shaped items which may be foreign outside of Japan, and provide advice on how to utilize them in customer experience.

As interest in Japanese food grows worldwide, MUSUBI KILN will build a product lineup and media for overseas customers who value not only the taste of food but also the atmosphere and experience of food as a whole. MUSUBI KILN, now open, is looking forward to becoming a good partner for everyone who wishes to make everyday life richer and more creative.

More about MUSUBI KILN: https://musubikiln.com/pages/about

MUSUBI KILN Online Store: https://musubikiln.com

MUSUBI KILN Journal: https://journal.musubikiln.com

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