23/02/2024 1:24 PM


The Queen Of Beauty

Olivier Rousteing’s Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Collection Has Cone Bras, Baby Bumps and Human Perfume Bottles

Jean Paul Gaultier is responsible for so many popular fashion trends and design motifs that it can be hard to remember them all. Fortunately, Olivier Rousteing’s one-off haute couture collection for the French house, shown in Paris on Wednesday, serves as a bold reminder of every one of them.

Rousteing follows designers Chitose Abe and Glenn Martens in creating a one-off couture collection for Gaultier, inspired by the retired designer’s legacy. And if he began his design process for this collection by brain-dumping every single thing the name “Jean Paul Gaultier” brought up, he didn’t leave out a single element from that list. That said, the Balmain creative director put his own spin on those codes.