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Omaha Public Library a one-stop shop to fill holiday needs | Lifestyles

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It probably sounds corny to say that this is the “most wonderful time of the year,” but ever since I was a kid, I’ve found the months between Halloween and New Year’s to be magical. Though a fondness for snow can be a controversial position to hold, I think there’s nothing prettier than a fresh, undisturbed blanket of snow over my backyard on a moonlit evening. I grew up in New England, and love snow no matter how much I simultaneously complain about it.

Some of my fondest memories of the holiday season are of the times when my kids were little and we did things together in preparation for the holidays … Everything from baking, making ornaments and decorations, and snuggling up to reread our favorite holiday books. If you like those things, too, Omaha Public Library can help you to continue your holiday traditions or create some new ones!

Laura Marlane

Laura Marlane is the executive director of the Omaha Public Library.

My auntie taught me how to make cookies with recipes from her battered copy of the “Betty Crocker Cookies” cookbook. We made batches of snickerdoodles to give as gifts — a tradition I shared with my kids, from a handed-down, newer edition of the same book. Find a copy of this classic cookie book in OPL’s collection to share the baking joy with the littles in your life.

If you need more ways to engage the whole family in getting into the holiday spirit, OPL carries plenty of books for holiday crafting and decorating for all ages and levels of expertise. Check out “Holiday Hacks” by Keith Bradford to help simplify all the things happening this season, or “Homemade Holiday” by Sophie Pester to try your hand at more than 40 festive projects.