Photographic Proof That Jennifer Lopez Is The Ultimate Beauty Icon

Since she emerged onto the Hollywood scene in the 1990s, it’s been hard not to love everything about Jennifer Lopez. She’s given us a lifetime of bops, like “I’m Real” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” She’s starred in some of our favorite movies, from Maid in Manhattan to Selena. And, most importantly, she’s become the ultimate beauty inspiration.

Lopez’s decades-long career has come with many memorable hair and makeup moments, but for the most part, she’s got a clear formula that she sticks to: Her coveted “J.Lo glow” is proof that no amount of bronzer and highlighter is too much. Her booty-grazing ponytails and extensions prove hair hath no limits, and her signature peach lipstick is one that should be sold en masse.

To celebrate her 51st birthday today, we’re taking a look back at some of her best beauty moments. Ahead, scroll through visible verification

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Three Advantages of LIQUID Multivitamins

The food that we eat gives our body Vitamins and Minerals. One can also take supplements of them depending on the need. One of the methods of consuming them is in liquid form. So, what are the advantages of consuming liquid multivitamins?
They are more effective and easily absorbed:Though the vitamins taste bad in the liquid form rather than in the chewable tablet form or a capsule they are absorbed much better by the body in the liquid form. They also do not cause problems like choking, swallowing, or breathing when taken in the form of a liquid. Sometime though the vitamins are consumed in the form of a tablet, they would not be completely absorbed by the body. This applies for both children as well as for adults. Liquids are more easily assimilated in the blood stream and the absorption rate is said to be as high as 98%. … Read More

Fashion Insiders Strive for Change With Action, Not Words

In sharing their views about “Culture, Style and Politics” on Wednesday afternoon, four fashion insiders didn’t just discuss the systemic change that is needed for social justice and racial equality, but also how individuals and corporations can work toward that.

Led by Vogue’s Chioma Nnadi, the virtual talk was part of IMG’s NYFW: BTS series and it featured designer Victor Glemaud, IMG model Precious Lee and curator Kimberly Drew.

Glemaud spoke of the discrimination and mistreatment he has faced in the fashion industry since starting his career at the age of 19 as an intern for Patrick Robinson. The designer helped and protected Glemaud, and also offered him guidance about whether he should accept certain jobs and salary packages. “Perhaps I haven’t been thrown into the ocean as a lot of people have. But nevertheless the difficulty of being one of the only ones at a show in Europe

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What This Fashion CEO Is Doing to Help the Trans and BIPOC Community During the Crisis

Beatrice Leung

Sundays are a day to recharge and reset by hanging with friends, turning off your phone, bathing for hours on end, or doing whatever else works for you. In this column (in conjunction with our Instagram Self-Care Sunday series), we ask editors, experts, influencers, writers, and more what a perfect self-care Sunday means to them, from tending to their mental and physical health to connecting with their community to indulging in personal joys. We want to know why Sundays are important and how people enjoy them, from morning to night.

For Jaclyn Fu, the co-founder and CEO of small-chested bra brand Pepper, living in Denver has been a major help for her mental health. Recently, the weather has been warm and sunny, and so on Sundays, she’s been able to hang out all day at home or in the mountains. “I love that living in

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