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Why Do So Many Outfit Selfies Feature This Mirror?

We’re living in a new age of the Instagram mirror selfie. With the pandemic ushering everyone (and their outfits) indoors, even influencers — who had previously been photographed in exotic locales — are reduced to taking selfies in front of full-length mirrors at home, where they showcase outfits that often include pandemic staples like matching sweatsuits and cozy knitwear. But while it is refreshing to see more relatable content from people who no longer claim to be in full-outfit mode every day, there is still some curation involved — it’s Instagram after all. But, this new fashion-friendly aesthetic doesn’t involve a clothing trend or a specific accessory, but rather an instantly recognisable wavy mirror — all the better to frame an outfit. As ubiquitous on the grid as checkerboard-patterned looks (blame The Queen’s Gambit — or, you

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Carine Roitfeld to Share Creative Director Role

Opening another chapter in her career and joining the global movement for greater racial inclusivity, Carine Roitfeld has named Lynette Nylander co-creative director and editorial director at large of CR Fashion Book, WWD has learned.

“If I want to be part of the issue, part of changing the system, then I need someone next to me with an authentic voice,” Roitfeld said, disclosing the hire in an exclusive interview, and describing the upcoming fall 2020 issue of the biannual title as one dedicated to community, culture and influence.

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On her Instagram feed, Nylander bills herself as a writer, creative and editorial consultant, and a “funky homo sapien.” Freelance for the past three-and-a-half years, she has done editorial work for American Vogue, AnOther, Elle, Antidote, Dazed, Fader and Buffalo Zine. She has also done full-time stints as vice president of content at Alexander Wang, as deputy editor of

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38 Best Amazon Valentine’s Day Deals on Beauty, Skincare and Hair Products Under $35

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a prime time to experiment with new skincare and hair products — especially ones that won’t break the bank. And to no one’s surprise, Amazon offers tons of highly recommended face cleansers, face oils, eye cream, dry shampoo, foundation, toners, face masks and wrinkle treatments for under $35.

While you might be focused on scoring marked-down clothes and shoes from the go-to mega retailer, the Amazon skincare section holds its own with thousands of affordable products that are begging to be added to your daily regimen. You’ll find everything from Neutrogena sunscreen to CeraVe night cream to La Roche-Posay moisturizer to help fight dry skin.

Another incentive for bargain beauty shoppers: If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.

Below, shop 38 of the best-selling skincare items on Amazon that cost under $35. (A couple are less than nine

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Costco Is the Best Retail Apocalypse Stock of 2021

While a number of retailers have struggled or closed stores over the last year, there is one consumer discretionary company that will survive and even thrive amid rising competition and economic volatility. Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) is a smart bet for investors seeking a stable company with a business model that appeals to consumers in both economic boom or bust environments.

Here’s how Costco stock can hold steady even in the face of a retail apocalypse.

Costco Store

Image source: Costco Wholesale.

Costco has a very loyal customer base

One factor setting Costco apart from competitors is its loyal member base. U.S. and Canada membership renewal rates held strong at over 90% in the last two quarters. The company also steadily added new paid cardholders and executive memberships over the last year.

The retailer’s business model is very customer-focused, offering a broad range of popular branded and private-label products at competitive

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