It’s never too late to address skin concerns

Amy Burton is a Licensed Medical Esthetician at Vitality Med Spa in Melbourne.

Q: Why did you go into the medical field?

A: Starting my career as a skin care expert and professional make-up artist I would on many occasions apply make-up to problematic skin normally caused by genetics, hormones, hygiene and/or incorrect use of skincare products.

I knew clients needed a medical approach to help heal their skin as opposed to just covering it up.

I could not help but feel the client’s pain of being self-conscious about their skin issues. At that time, I began channeling my focus toward medical aesthetics.     

Q: What services do you provide?

A: I have created a fusion between rectifying skin problems using cutting edge, medically driven skincare disciplines, technology and techniques.

The most popular service I currently provide is the Juvesa Peel. It is an advanced medical microdermabrasion facial treatment which gently

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Carter’s sculpture departs from the myth by exhibiting the Minotaur not as something fearsome, however instead, quietly reading a e-book. Recently, Dinverno won first place in the Muskegon Museum of Art’s annual “Art Talks Back” ekphrastic poetry competition for her poem “Escaping the Labyrinth.” The term ekphrastic means the poetry is inspired by one other artform. The MMA posted pictures of art and challenged individuals to create poems impressed by certainly one of their nice … Read More

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Welcome to I Tried It Month, where we’ll be publishing a new fashion, beauty, or wellness article every day in January that features a first-person account of shaking up an old habit, pushing beyond a comfort zone, or simply trying something new. Follow along for 31 days of storytelling, including everything from going without a cellphone for 40 days to trying the polarizing low-rise pants trend.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a makeup novice. My routine is a simple five-minute lineup that I repeat day in and day out without much experimentation. It’s quick and easy, and I like it this way, but all that has changed since I’ve been on TikTok. One way or another, I found my way onto the beauty side of the app, and honestly, my makeup routine is all the better for it.

I’ve picked up on numerous

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