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Resurgence of 1970s Fashion Trends Highlights Importance of Having Access to a Variety of Quality Fabrics, says Express Knit Inc. | News

LOS ANGELES, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A May 12 article on Glamour reports on the return of 1970s fashion trends for this upcoming summer. The article says that styles like vibrant and groovy prints, flared pants, and fringe accents will be making a comeback in the coming months thanks to celebrities recently seen rocking the iconic silhouettes and retro outfits. Online fabric wholesaler Express Knit Inc. says that, because trends from the past often make unpredictable appearances like these returning 70s looks, it’s important for brands and designers to have access to a large variety of fabrics in all types of styles and patterns.

Express Knit Inc. says that the key to a successful collection is a great supplier that can provide for all of a brand’s fabric needs. With fashion trends and consumer demands changing all the time, the wholesaler says designers need access to high-quality materials both in trendy prints and classic patterns. The fabric supplier says while having materials with the latest season’s most popular prints and patterns are important, designers will always need reliable, top-tier basics such as cotton or jersey knits in classic shades. Express Knit Inc. says that the more fabric options brands have at their fingertips, the more creative and unique their collections can be.

The online wholesaler adds that because shopping for wholesale fabrics online can be difficult, suppliers must have an easy-to-navigate website that’s always updated with its latest inventory. Express Knit Inc. says it understands how busy designers are, and the last thing they need is to find the perfect material for their collection only to learn that it’s out of stock after an order has been placed. The supplier says that providing as much information about each fabric item on the online catalog ensures that fashion designers not only find exactly what they need but also helps them avoid costly delays.

Express Knit Inc. says it offers a wide range of materials, from brushed knit tie-dye and floral prints to crushed velvet velour and ITY knit solid fabric. The company notes that it is dedicated to making quality products accessible to every designer, including DIY hobbyists and established brands alike.

Readers interested in learning more about online fabric wholesaler Express Knit Inc. and its services can call (213) 683-1515 or visit its website at https://expressknitinc.com/. The wholesaler notes that their team of customer service representative are always ready to assist customers with any questions or concerns they might have.

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