23/02/2024 1:31 PM


The Queen Of Beauty

Rock Hall 2021 Induction: Drew Barrymore’s Go-Go’s Speech

She also reminded us it was Halloween weekend. We forgot about that.
Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Drew Barrymore had the beat, the mask, the hair twist, and the body towel at the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, where daytime TV’s greatest host inducted her favorite band in the entire universe, the Go-Go’s, into a club that’s overwhelmingly dominated by men. “It’s such an honor, and honestly, it’s really easy to do because the Go-Go’s have been in my personal Hall of Fame since I was six years old,” Barrymore’s unsealed lips began. “In fact, if you’d told tiny me that I’d be up here introducing my heroes into the most notable rock club in human history, I would say, ‘Well, I will do my best to honor these women.’” But it’s what came next that would’ve made her great-aunt Ethel, grande dame of the American theater, proud: Barrymore went full vaudeville as she transformed herself into the Sixth Go-Go, mimicking the band’s famed Beauty and the Beat album cover. She also reminded us it was Halloween weekend. We forgot about that.

Beauty and the Beat blew the doors of my life off. It opened me up to a whole new dimension. I dropped the needle and I felt instantly connected to the punk pulse of this record,” Barrymore, goop all around her face, continued. “It sounded like pure possibility. It rattled up my walls and straight through to my heart. I spent hours staring at that cover and the back side, all of them in the bathtub. The coolest girls in the world taking a spa day in cool-girl heaven. It was always a party, guys, for so long with these girls.” She added, with her towels steady, “this is a true blue love letter from their biggest fan.” Suddenly, a jacuzzi vacation is all we ever wanted

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