21/02/2024 4:12 AM


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Siggi’s makes sugar reduction fun, inspirational & convenient with Palate Training Kit

Beginning Jan. 27 while supplies last, siggi’s is offering for $30 a 30-day supply of its 0% yogurts in various flavors, including Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Blueberry, Mixed Berry & Acai, along with a spoon, eye mask, timer, journal and a pen to help consumers fully experience their food and thoughtfully reset their palates by consuming “whole foods with simple ingredients, which can translate to a healthier lifestyle.”

Ana Milicevic, siggi’s senior brand director, explained to FoodNavigator-USA that that while siggi’s “has always strived for lower sugar, more protein and simple ingredients, and believes in using real fruit so that the yogurt actually tastes like the real deal,”​ the company also knows that some consumers “might not recognize the subtle sweetness of real fruit, because they’ve been desensitized from an overconsumption of overly sweetened foods.”

As such, the brand created the Palate Training Kit “to help kickstart efforts to be more aware of how sugar can impact taste,”​ by providing a month’s supply of its yogurts, an eye mask and timer “to make eating a more mindful experience where you use all your sense,”​ and a journal to record experiences along the way.

Pandemic elevates consumers’ sugar concerns

The kit, which is available exclusively on siggi’s.com, comes at a time when consumers increasingly are making the connection between their health and diet, and looking for ways to improve both and bolster their immunity in the face of COVID-19.

According to recently published research by FMCG Gurus, 70% of consumers are taking steps to boost their immunity and 66% of these are reducing sugar to improve their diets.