This Not That: 7 Vogue Editors On their Shopping Fashion Rules

We all have fashion purchases we regret making. There’s likely an ill-fitting pair of jeans or an outdated blouse currently hanging in all of our closets, untouched from the day they left the store. It’s OK—we all fall victim to overzealous shopping sprees we like to call retail therapy.

Despite the obvious disadvantages of buying items we don’t love, lessons are to be learned from these purchases, which in turn establish the very foundation for the shopping habits we live by. For one Vogue editor, investing in staple pieces like Roger Vivier’s timeless satin mules proves worthy of creating a wardrobe with longevity, while another embraces mindful methods of shopping by focusing on the quality of the products filling her closet. Vogue Features and Commerce Editor Lilah Ramzi’s love for mid-century fashion lends to two personal rules to avoid second thought purchases—shopping vintage and waist-accentuating pieces.

As we all grow

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17 Eye Creams That Celebrities and Beauty Editors Swear By

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Money Diary: A 28-Year-Old Disabled Woman On Benefits In Emergency Accommodation

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we’re tracking every last penny.This week: “I am a 28-year-old living in East Sussex. I stopped working two years ago due to my fibromyalgia getting worse, and various mental health issues.I currently receive benefits and am in the process of my PIP (personal independence payment) appeal after it was denied. I got made homeless three months ago and have been in emergency accommodation provided by the council for the past three weeks. The council covers this rent. It’s extremely expensive and the private property management is raking it in, especially because the property is in such bad condition (mould everywhere,

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The Only Dry Skin Remedies Good Enough for Beauty Editors’ Vanities

We’ve tried our fair share of lotions and creams that have given us high hopes and promises only to be left dull and discouraged—especially regarding the state of our skin. Annoying. Finding an exceptional remedy for pesky dry skin shouldn’t be difficult. After all, enter any drugstore or beauty retailer and you’ll eagerly be met with—quite seriously—hundreds of tempting options. But which ones actually work?

As beauty editors who have practically blockaded ourselves at our desks with piles upon piles of beauty product here at WWW HQ, we’re not surprised that many of our fellow editors and colleagues pay visits whenever they’re in need of some kind of beauty-related antidote. And while we regularly lend taps of eye cream, glitter, and even CBD-spiked honey for the occasional sore throat (yes, really), nothing has higher demand than skin-quenching lotions, oils, and creams. (Fashion and scaly crocodile skin

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And Now, 14 Nail Polish Brands Manicurists and Beauty Editors Are Obsessed With

As tempting as it is to choose a nail polish based on color or endearing shade name alone, if you’re after an Instagram-worthy paint job, there are so many other factors to consider. Yes, there’s the ever-overwhelming shade dilemma, but you’ll also want to think about a polish’s endurance, shine, application, and formula makeup. More and more, nail polish brands are upping their game in all the above departments, but we’re still nitpicky when it comes to perfecting our list of the best nail polish brands in the industry—the ones we swipe DIY-style at home or request in-salon at all of our favorite nail joints.

Since not all nail polish brands boast equal stature when it comes to quality, we decided to take stock of our own collection of bottles, in addition to the formulas we see the best celebrity manicurists use over and over on their A-list clientele.

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