Celebrity Hairstylist Jawara Opens Up About His Influences, Jamaica Roots, and a Future Product Line

A captive audience, camera phones out, surrounds hairstylist Jawara at the Area fall 2020 show. He’s using a lip-gloss-length needle to secure an eight-pound Preciosa crystal wig on a model’s head for an Irving Penn–meets–KiraKira+ moment that will make it onto every Fashion Week recap (and also inspire the cover of ELLE’s September 2020 issue featuring Cardi B). While Jawara isn’t yet as recognised as runway mainstays like Guido Palau, the beauty shock waves he’s been delivering are sure to change that soon.

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Brooklyn-born and Jamaica-raised, Jawara has become one of the most coveted hair artists among models, musicians, and the fashion elite. Solange Knowles, who’s been a fan since 2017, helped bring his name onto the

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What Backstage Beauty Will Look Like at Fashion Week This Year and in the Future

Erin Parsons, Maybelline New York’s global makeup artist, has been hard at work designing makeup for the upcoming Fashion Week season. The season is looking a little bit different, however. The makeup for one show she’s working on will be done in computer-generated imagery (CGI) rather than pigments, creams, and powders. Parsons is creating looks that go far beyond what special-effects makeup could ever be for GCDS’, an Italian streetwear brand, which will have its virtual fashion take place in time with Milan Fashion Week. “It will be epic,” she says.

Digital makeup is no doubt cutting-edge, but with the COVID-19 crisis, many beauty industry professionals have been forced to get creative backstage at fashion shows. Fall is normally the peak season when top makeup artists, including Parsons, plus hairstylists, and nail artists are in the midst of preparing their concepts to accompany the extravagant creations for New

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