How The Bushy Brow Trend Helps Us Hairy Girls Reclaim Our Beauty

While Gen Z kids have been spared the horror of having their brows tweezed into reed-thin lines, us desi millennials remember what it was like to be shamed for our hairy unibrows once we hit puberty. We have seen that era when a conventionally beautiful actress like Kajol was shamed or snidely termed “offbeat” just because of the way her brows looked. 

We would see skinny brows on the actresses on TV who were, in turn, emulating the look of international actresses who already had thin, light brows. There was no space for our thick and lush black brow hair in that world.

a close up of a woman: Image credit: SLB Films, Shemaroo Entertainment, Eros International

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Image credit: SLB Films, Shemaroo Entertainment, Eros International

But things are different now. Internationally, even Caucasian models and actresses who are beauty icons have co-opted those thick, dark eyebrows people of colour were once shunned for, to the point that beauty vloggers are

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Western Put On For Women, Girls Fashion Wear On-line

That’s not all – we additionally convey to you the newest developments in sportswear so that you look ruggedly handsome whilst you work out at the fitness center. And we additionally offer a stunning assortment of ethnic outfits for the fashionable man who never forgets his roots! With ethnic sets, kurtas, ethnic jackets and waistcoats – we now have you lined for all weddings, pujas and family functions you must attend this season. They build relationships with editors, journalists, influencers, and celebrities to make certain that their consumer stays within the public eye. To that end, publicists are one half crisis management, one half cruise director.

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Fashion Girls Can’t Stop Wearing These ’90s Jewelry Trends

If you were a kid in the ’90s, chances are you experienced a wide—and we mean wide—variety of fashion trends. From the iconic and now-classic Kate Moss–approved slip dresses and leather trench coats inspired by The Matrix to platform party heels and lug-sole boots, the era of grunge and minimalism had a range, to say the least. And if you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends to bubble up the ranks of today’s style movements, you’ll notice that nearly all of the decade’s best ones have come back for another round.

By now, the nostalgia for one of fashion’s most notorious decades has probably already infiltrated your wardrobe with at least a piece or two—whether it’s a crop top, banana hair clip, or another signature trend. But if you’re looking to add another layer of the decade’s aesthetic into your wardrobe, wearing some of the coolest

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The Skirt Trend Fashion Girls Are Suddenly Obsessed With

This is one micro-trend I’ve been bookmarking for a while now, curious about whether it would really become something. As a fashion editor, this is something I do a lot. It’s similar to investigative work (except no one’s lives are at stake). We get a lead on something, follow it for a while, and see if anything larger comes of it. When that finally happens, you end up reading about it here. Today, the trend I’m finally excited and confident enough to report on is pleated miniskirts.

After seeing dozens of fashion girls dabbling with pleated minis, I figured it was time to start breaking down the “why” and “how” backing the gradual success of this skirt trend. When you see or think of pleated miniskirts, it’s safe to assume that private school uniforms, tennis, and cheerleaders come to mind, but once you see the various ways fashion girls

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