Gender Neutral Fashion & How The Industry Shapes Our Norms

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Take a walk down Fifth Avenue, a virtual stroll through Instagram, or get lost in the black hole that is TikTok, and chances are you’ll see more than one emerging fashion trend. Maybe it’s low-rise jeans, a scarf-turned-top, cowboy boots—or maybe, it’s a nod to gender neutrality

Gone are the days when skirts implied femininity and trousers the opposite. Over is the idea that fem and masc can’t coexist. Instead, we are entering—and creating—a society in which gender is seen as a sliding scale, not a binary.

As such, it’s no surprise that gender-neutral trends have been on the rise over the past five years. In 2018, Off-White made a statement with its gender neutral capsule collection, becoming one of the most prominent names in fashion to challenge gender stereotypes.

Since then, other designers and even celebs have taken their own spin

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How the sale of a Sting CD sparked an entire industry

On an August afternoon in 1994, 21-year-old Dan Kohn made history.

Kohn had just sold a CD to a man in Philadelphia through his clunky website.

The man paid $12.48 plus shipping for a copy of “Ten Summoner’s Tales” by the rock star Sting.

Why was this such a big deal?

  • That CD was the first item ever sold on the internet.

Internet shopping didn’t exist 30 years ago.

Today, it’s a colossal $900 billion industry… and America’s online industry is about to hit a major milestone.

Data from top research firm eMarketer shows internet sales will pass $1 trillion next year.

Folks look at this big number and assume the profit opportunity has passed them by. I mean… hasn’t online shopping pioneer Amazon (AMZN) already run up 100,000%?

Please don’t make this mistake.

According to Pew Research, 308 million Americans used the internet last year. But did you know

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Fashion follows function: what’s next for the phone industry

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a totally normal phone with One Weird Trick: it folds. As Dan Seifert explained in our full review, it’s the beginning of a new phase for foldables, one where buying a folding phone is something that could appeal to anybody, not just techies.

Samsung is promoting the phone in the ways Samsung usually does, touting features and spec improvements. But it’s also doing another thing: promoting the phone as something stylish. A full-on music video ad with BTS joins online vertical video ads that are as focused on the clothing and pockets the phone fits in as the phone itself. In essence, it’s the latest in a long time of tech companies trying to make the case that their phones are fashion.

That’s nothing new, but it’s still notable because with the Z Flip 3, it’s so explicit. Sure, there’s a

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Fashion industry ponders post-pandemic world at MAGIC trade show

In Las Vegas, the fashion industry is looking toward a post-pandemic world.

On Wednesday, the MAGIC fashion trade show concluded its three-day event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, its first exposition in the city since February 2020.

This year’s in-person convention was a welcome sight for Kelly Helfman, commercial president for Informa Markets Fashion, after a hiatus of more than year-and-a-half thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Fashion is so tactile, these buyers want to touch and feel the product that they’re buying for their stores,” Helfman said. “So it’s really important that we’re here, in person, doing business.”

This year, MAGIC, dubbed the “most comprehensive fashion marketplace in the U.S.,” featured more than 700 brands and retailers. The trade show “aims to be a seamless one-stop shop” for young contemporary and trend apparel, accessories, children’s clothing, sportswear, menswear and footwear at “value to mass-market price points,” a press release

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