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They’ve Been Trapped on Navy Ships for Months. Now One Has Died by Suicide.

Jonathon Morris was a civilian mariner—or “civmar”—one of the 5,500 maritime professionals hired by the U.S. Navy to work on ships transporting people and supplies around the globe.The job didn’t suit his personality, said someone close to him. He was quiet and introverted, not the type who enjoyed months in cramped quarters. When he was on shore, he loved long-distance bicycling, spending weeks alone on the trails around his home in Southern California.But on the USNS Amelia Earhart, he found a position that separated him from the crew. A third mate, he led the night watch, in charge of three other civmars. He spent hours on the bridge against an endless backdrop of waves and starlight as much of the Earhart’s crew of 130 slept.By July of this year, the atmosphere on the

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