Toddler Spends Nearly $2,000 On Walmart Furniture On Mom’s Phone

We’ve all done exactly what New Jersey mom Madhu Kumar did when online shopping; put some things in our cart and just leave them to sit there while we consider. It’s just another step along the decision-making process when buying something online, the final step being to place the order. Which Madhu’s toddler son did when he enjoyed a little online shopping spree at Walmart on her phone. All of the sudden Madhu and her husband Pramod were getting packages in the mail and had no idea where they were coming from… but now they know. Their 2-year-old knows how to shop.

Madhu told CNN that she had put about a dozen chairs in her Walmart cart, thinking she would go back and choose the few she wanted after the fact. After she let her 22-month-old son Ayaansh play with her phone, it seemed he accidentally made the decision

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Fashion follows function: what’s next for the phone industry

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a totally normal phone with One Weird Trick: it folds. As Dan Seifert explained in our full review, it’s the beginning of a new phase for foldables, one where buying a folding phone is something that could appeal to anybody, not just techies.

Samsung is promoting the phone in the ways Samsung usually does, touting features and spec improvements. But it’s also doing another thing: promoting the phone as something stylish. A full-on music video ad with BTS joins online vertical video ads that are as focused on the clothing and pockets the phone fits in as the phone itself. In essence, it’s the latest in a long time of tech companies trying to make the case that their phones are fashion.

That’s nothing new, but it’s still notable because with the Z Flip 3, it’s so explicit. Sure, there’s a spec

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Mira Rajput chuckles as she reveals ‘its been years’ since she got ‘conned’ for a phone case

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput has opened up about an incident that took place years ago where she got ‘conned’ by an online shopping advertisement for a phone case. The star wife shared her ordeal in a series of posts on social media as she ‘chuckled’ about the whole episode years later. While she narrated how she fell for the online shopping ad, she even asked her followers to share similar incidents with her on social media where things they ordered online didn’t turn out as expected. 

Taking to her Instagram stories, Mira wrote, “Fell for a silly ad and bought a phone cover…looks nothing like the display picture and is a flimsy plastic but does the job! I needed a slingy cover so I can go for my walk without needing a bag. (No my tights don’t have pockets.) Chuckling about how it’s been years since I got conned.

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Changing my phone to black and white for a week

As of late, I have been glued to my phone. From social media to online shopping, I have created an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship with my hand-held friend. During a quarantine-safe hangout, I noticed that my friend’s phone was completely in black and white. Upon questioning her, she told me it helps reduce her screen time. That was exactly what I needed. I’ve done digital detoxes before but had never heard of this method. So I, too, set my phone to the gray scale mode and tried it for a week.

Going into it, my screen time was an embarrassingly high six hours per day (mostly due to TikTok). I wanted to cut that down to by at least half. Immediately, the usual vibrant assortment of apps and red notifications were replaced by dull shades of gray. Texting and calling still felt somewhat normal, but when I scrolled through apps that

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