Here’s How Much Money Men Really Spend On Grooming Products

There’s a prevalent stereotype about the typical American man’s grooming habits. We’re led to believe he pays significantly less attention to his routine than most women and leans heavily on a drugstore-brand 3-in-1 wash for most of his needs.

But a 2019 Mindbody survey found that men prioritize beauty and grooming as much as women do, overall spending just slightly less on average than women. They attributed the difference in male spending to a higher number of men saying they rarely or never get beauty or grooming services.

HuffPost spoke to eight men of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, locations and occupations about their grooming routines. We found that like women, many men aren’t afraid to pay top dollar for a product or service that’s just right for their needs. They love a well-working bargain product just as much as a specialty brand, and many of their daily and weekly regimens

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Cleaning Off Your Face Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 (Miracle Products)

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5 products these Black beauty founders always recommend

The lack of shelf space traditionally given to Black-owned beauty brands has rightfully been spotlighted in recent months. And while independently owned brands may now be slowly, surely gaining the recognition, support and opportunities they deserve, the fact remains that there are few major retailers making products for Black skin a primary focus.

This is exactly what makes Candour Beauty so exciting. Jacqueline Kusamotu and Abi Lawrence-Adesida’s newly launched e-tail platform successfully mixes content with commerce, delivering an all-round luxury shopping experience.

The brand roster spans hair, skin and bodycare, and offers big-name brands (think Olaplex and Dr. Barbara Sturm) alongside new and niche ventures, from The Afro Skin + Hair Co to the anticipated Melyon skincare. Black Girl Sunscreen – a cult hero in the States – has been snapped up, as have textured hair heroes The Mane Choice and Cantu.

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6 best teeth whitening products of 2021

Coffee and wine lovers are all too familiar with the unfortunate effects that their favorite beverages can have on their teeth.

Thankfully, you don’t have to say goodbye to these simple pleasures altogether if you want a brighter smile — there are a few easy ways to take care of pesky stains. The most effective solutions can be found at your dentist’s office, Dr. Lawrence Fung of Silicon Beach Dental told Shop TODAY. There, they can give you a prescription-strength whitening treatment or fit you with a custom tray.

However, if you want to save yourself a trip (and some money), there are also a handful of good whitening options that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Below, we asked four dentists to share the most effective and easy-to-use at-home teeth whitening products that will give you a brighter smile in no time.


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