Shen Beauty Founder Jessica Richards Talks Clean Skin Care

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards didn’t intentionally set out to have a career in beauty, but you wouldn’t know it from her résumé. She worked at Lucky magazine alongside Eva Chen and Gillian Gorman Round, helped Free People enter the beauty and wellness space, and launched third-party wellness brands at Goop, all within the past decade. Throughout that time, she was also running her own store, Shen Beauty, which she founded in 2010 after becoming pregnant and taking a hiatus from her styling job at Vogue.

“About four months after I had my son, my face cream broke. I realized I was always going into Manhattan to get a new one, which wasn’t as easy with

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The Only Dry Skin Remedies Good Enough for Beauty Editors’ Vanities

We’ve tried our fair share of lotions and creams that have given us high hopes and promises only to be left dull and discouraged—especially regarding the state of our skin. Annoying. Finding an exceptional remedy for pesky dry skin shouldn’t be difficult. After all, enter any drugstore or beauty retailer and you’ll eagerly be met with—quite seriously—hundreds of tempting options. But which ones actually work?

As beauty editors who have practically blockaded ourselves at our desks with piles upon piles of beauty product here at WWW HQ, we’re not surprised that many of our fellow editors and colleagues pay visits whenever they’re in need of some kind of beauty-related antidote. And while we regularly lend taps of eye cream, glitter, and even CBD-spiked honey for the occasional sore throat (yes, really), nothing has higher demand than skin-quenching lotions, oils, and creams. (Fashion and scaly crocodile skin

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