After drinking a gallon of water a day for three months, my skin finally cleared up

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Before I even get into this update, I need to say this bottle really is leakproof. It has flown across my car, fallen out of my hands, and slipped off every surface in my apartment (I am very clumsy) and yet it has never leaked.

When I started this journey, I went into it wanting three things:

  • To feel better, because my allergies had me feeling tired and dehydrated all the time
  • For my skin to clear up
  • To curb my cravings

I don’t think I’ll ever quite curb my food cravings, but I will say drinking 128 ounces of water a day makes you feel full for longer – which makes me snack less. I have to be mindful of what I am snacking on, since I am trying to make healthier

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The Only 24 Body Lotions That Actually Work on Dry Skin

Despite the fact that the majority of the skin on our bodies is below the neck, we do a very good job at neglecting it. While double cleansing, exfoliating and masking our faces might be rituals cemented firmly in our weekly beauty routines, for the most part, the skin on the rest of our bodies is left to fend for itself. And while the skin on our faces has more demanding wants and needs, the rest of our skin does require at least some basic level of TLC, too. Most notably, at around this time every year, it has a tendency to turn dry.

As the seasons change, a perfect concoction of fluctuating temperatures, wind, sun exposure and a change in wardrobe choices (is it warm enough to show a bit of ankle yet?) can cause our skin to turn dry, scaly and ashy. And while dryness on

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11 best neck creams to help firm skin and reduce wrinkles

Look for ingredients such as polyhydroxy acids, neoglucosamine, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C and ceramides

Look for ingredients such as polyhydroxy acids, neoglucosamine, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C and ceramides

For many of us, taking care of our necks probably just means drawing down whatever product we’re already using on our face.

But, similar to the skin around our eyes, the skin on our necks is thinner and can benefit from targeted products which encourage cell turnover and deliver increased hydration to keep skin supple.

Dr Sophie Shotter, aesthetic doctor at Illluminate Skin Clinic, explains: “The neck is very vulnerable to ageing. It has less sebaceous glands than facial skin, making it more prone to wrinkling.

“This, combined with the effects of sun exposure, gravity and muscle movement, can make the neck a real problem area for some people. My suggestion is to wear SPF on the neck daily, don’t stop at the jawline.”

“Then there is the phenomenon of ‘tech neck’. So much time

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7 beauty treatments for silky-smooth skin

  • Spa therapists can safely and professionally remove dead skin cells in a variety of ways. 

  • Many Korean day spas offer a body scrub where they use exfoliating mitts to scrub off the dead skin.

  • Other treatments include a seaweed massage, a tightening enzyme body mask, and a Dead Sea mud mask.

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Narrator: Here are seven professional body treatments that can help you achieve silky-smooth skin.

You can try a full-body scrub to get rid of dead skin, like this one offered at Hugh Spa, a Korean day spa in Los Angeles. First, you soak in a hot tub to prep your skin for exfoliation. A spa therapist then uses a traditional Korean scrub mitt and technique to exfoliate dead skin cells off. They even can get hard-to-reach areas, like your back.

Catherine Bak: The scrub is

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