#TIKTOK: These “TRENDS” are NOT #DERMATOLOGIST approved! | iHeartRadio

TikTok can be great for some trends, like that whipped coffee craze and learning the latest dances. But not all the beauty tips shared there are keepers and dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah says these may even do more harm than good.

● DIY Microneedling – It’s the process of using a “microneedler” or “dermaroller” to create teeny tiny holes on the surface of the skin, which signal the body to go into repair mode, promoting new collagen and elastin growth which improves the texture and tone of skin. Some TikTokers share techniques for DIYing it, but Dr. Shah says, “Home microneedling is a terrible idea for most people!” Poking tiny holes in your face can lead to irritation, allergy and infection, so he advises saving this procedure for the spa or dermatologist.

● Coffee grounds face scrubs – Some beauty seekers are using their coffee grounds as a DIY scrub

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6 vintage fashion trends that TikTok teens are ‘discovering’

Beloved fashion trends always tend to repeat themselves, and if you take a scroll through TikTok, creators on the popular video-sharing app are bringing some vintage trends back around.

Sometimes, it’s a classic trend from almost 50 years ago going viral again. Other videos feature styles that millennials know and love, just with a new name or fashionable twist. Here are six comeback styles that caught our attention.

1. Flared leggings

Millennials might know flared leggings by their original name: yoga pants. When one user’s video praising her new fashion find went viral, those who grew up wearing the stretchy black pants were shocked that the item had been rediscovered and renamed.

“Can’t believe the tik tok teens have just discovered yoga pants and they’re calling them flared leggings,” wrote one Twitter user at the time. “I hate it here.”

2. Baguette bags

Every ’90s girl remembers these

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I Tried Out 4 Fashion Trends That Just Went Viral on TikTok

After a year of doling out likes to puppies and workouts I’ll never do, my TikTok FYP was just not giving what it was supposed to give, especially in the fashion department. With some small tweaks to my scrolling behavior, I’m happy to report I finally found my aesthetic niche within fashion TikTok, and we love it here.

I tried four fashion trends that just went viral on my FYP, and I must say that these trends have unlocked so many outfit ideas I was just not thinking about before. Thanks, Gen Z. At first, I was a little hesitant to take fashion advice from people half my age, but it’s just not in my DNA to see a fire new look and pass up the opportunity to test it out.

Keep scrolling to see how I tried four fashion trends that are currently all over my TikTok

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8 New Outfit Trends Springing Up on Fashion TikTok

While the rest of the world debates the pros and cons of TikTok versus Instagram and which social media app will ultimately prevail, we’re just over here toggling between the two to bring you the latest on what’s trending in the virtual fashion world. Some could say we’re even a little TikTok obsessed over here, given that we’ve dove into everything from the makeup trends we’re inspired to try to the latest fashion aesthetic to emerge. But in any case, scrolling through the app is our journalistic duty, and on my latest scrolling frenzy, I couldn’t help but notice how the app’s digital creators are styling some excellent spring ‘fits these days.

Their outfits incorporate some of the coolest trends of the moment, and I’m officially inspired to start re-creating these formulas ASAP. With spring on the brain (and more reasons to reemerge into the world), I’ve rounded up the

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