The Coolest Trends of 2021, as Told by Stylish East Coast Fashion Students

In the fashion industry, there’s a variety of jobs—from publicists and writers to designers and directors. Something most of them start out as, though? Students. Now, while every person in fashion may not start in fashion school, it can be considered the cleared pipeline into the industry. And while we see the work of the current industry professionals on display every day, I think it’s important to get the opinion of the next generation of the fashion world, especially since Generation Z is poised to bring more change into the industry in terms of style and inclusion. While scrolling through social media, seeing fashion students’ content can be a breath of fresh air, with their hot takes on different designers’ collections and styling trends I wish had the confidence to wear when I was running late to an 8 a.m. lecture.

I reached out to stylish East Coast fashion

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Trust Me, These Are the 5 London Fashion Week Trends We’ll Actually Wear

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Why Finding A Good Pair Of Jeans Is A “Nightmare” For Plus-Size Women

Shopping for plus-size jeans that fit, are comfortable, and will last past a handful of wears is as difficult as scoring low-price vintage in extended sizes or buying boots that fit over wider calves. Like many areas of the plus-size fashion market, many brands haven’t quite figured out what it takes to make a good pair of jeans for women who wear a size 16 and up. “I’ve been plus-sized my entire life, and shopping for jeans has always been a nightmare for me,” says Meghan Germek, who works in social services in Alabama. On Twitter, questions about plus-size jeans run the gamut, from “Can we please start reinforcing the thighs of plus-size jeans?” to “Why do all plus-size jeans, no matter what brand, have that damn waist gap?” Others on the platform complain

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Eight Trends That Defined High Fashion in the 1990s

All things 1990s have become retro. It’s a daunting thought, especially for those of us who bopped to “Freedom! ’90” on our CD players, rented a VHS of Clueless from Blockbuster, mourned the cancelation of My So-Called Life, cut a rug to the “Macarena,” regularly used public payphones, and understood that Florida was categorically a blue state. Alas, with more than two decades since the Y2K scare, it was inevitable that these cultural touchstones, which permeated throughout our formative years, have now been put out to pasture. But in regard to ’90s fashion trends, as is often the case, everything old is new again.

“I think that’s part of what young people today see in the ’90s. It’s that it was a really fun time to engage with a lot of different styles and even mix a lot of different styles into one,” Colleen Hill, the curator of

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Are trends no longer in fashion?

Red is the new black, stripes are in, romanticism is out, double denim is back… For decades, fashion trends – determined by what designers put out on the catwalk as well as what’s worn by celebrities, and more recently, street stylers and influencers – have been key when it comes to deciding which clothes we buy each season. The idea of seasonal trends, however – and those fleeting, of-the-moment must-haves – has been rightly questioned in recent years, with the fashion industry attempting to rework itself onto a more sustainable path as the climate crisis becomes an unavoidable issue.

The pandemic has helped to highlight this even further as luxury consumer buying habits shift sharply away from flash-in-the-pan, trend-led items and onto investment pieces and more practical purchases. But, could this movement away from trends be seen simply as a trend in itself? Will a post-pandemic celebratory world actually

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