6 Fashion trends that have been recurring in B town

The fashion world is constantly changing and new trends are finding their ways into our lives time and again. However, there are some trends that make us feel so comfortable yet stylish that we just cannot seem to let them go. Here, we have listed a few fashion trends that have been widely portrayed by our favourite celebrities this year and are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. Not only that, as a fashion-lover and enthusiast, I firmly believe that adding these trends into your wardrobe is going to be a major investment since these trends are definitely here to stay and super versatile! 


Puffy Sleeves 

The puff-sleeve trend made its entry into the fashion world in 2018 and at the time it seemed like just the season’s newest must-have. Since then, it has been a major part of a lot of fashionista’s wardrobes. The larger-than-life sleeve has presented

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Tokyo exhibit traces fashion trends from 1940s till today

TOKYO — A Japanese fashion exhibition displaying clothes and other items from World War II to the present day is being held at the National Art Center in Tokyo through Sept. 6.

From state-mandated war clothing of the mid-1940s to the Lolita look and avant-garde, “Fashion in Japan 1945-2020” offers a fascinating retrospective through more than 800 exhibits, including clothing, magazines and videos.

“What is unique about this exhibition is that it unravels the history of Japanese fashion over such a long period of time,” said Yayoi Motohashi, a curator at the center.

The exhibition begins with photographs from the 1920s showing city women — then called “modern girls” — who imitated styles worn by American movie stars. When Japan went to war in the 1940s, men donned kokuminfuku, or state-mandated uniforms, and women monpe work pants. Because the clothes offered more freedom of movement than a kimono, people

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Yep, We Already Know 7 Key Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

There’s a brand new set of runway shows that just debuted for the resort 2022 season, so if you’re ready for some fashion newness there is plenty to dig into right now. The season is stocked with fresh new takes on fashion that is primed for 2022, but if you’re an early adopter who is ready to try out some of the pieces long before next year, there are some key trends to have on your radar.

Some of the resort 2022 trends—including elevated comfort and everyday athleisure—are ones you’re probably already familiar with from the 2021 collections, but continue to be finessed by designers. Others feel newer and more directional. Among them, statement outerwear that is primed for an early debut this fall, colorful suits in shades like lilac and green, and more. Ahead, the 7 key resort 2022 fashion trends we’re predicting will dominate in 2022.


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the 6 style trends we can expect to see this summer

Sky-high heels are the shoe of choice

While the rest of the nation has been reluctantly stuffing their feet back into real shoes since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, with heels a far-off notion, the footwear timeline on Love Island is significantly sped up. 

Sharon sported metallic wedges which are a forever-favourite on the show, but Liberty and Kaz’s strappy six-inch platforms are proving just as popular this season – by day and night. 

The rest of us might like to start off small. If you’ve been wedded to your Birkenstocks, block heeled mules or espadrille wedges will ease you in. 

Sarongs have made a comeback

In an unexpected twist, cover-ups made an unexpected appearance in the first episode with three of the five new contestants sporting them. Cover-ups they may be, but the actual coverage is in rather short supply – the 2021 Love Island sarong is sheer, short,

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