Valentine’s Day date ideas during COVID

While the classic “romantic prix fixe dinner at a white-tablecloth restaurant” option might remain in your arsenal of choices for the most arbitrarily important date night of the year, that doesn’t mean you need to take the bait. The restaurant industry definitely deserves its share of your love (money), but it’s understandable if you forgo the tableside service this year in the midst of a pandemic. Whether you want to stay at home or just stay away from people, here are a few alternatives to expressing your love through a 4-course meal.

You can have the time of your life in the place where you’ve spent most of the last year—it just takes a little planning.

Spa day in the bathroom

You’d be forgiven for going truly feral this year—salons have been intermittently shut down, and even with them reopening, bookings can be hard to come by. Part of the

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Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Is Launching A Socially Distanced And Very Luxe Night Spa For Valentine’s Day

For those of us itching to (safely) venture out into the world this Valentine’s Day, Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center is turning careful precautions of social distancing into an excuse for a late-night, totally decadent private spa night for two. The city’s first and only Forbes Travel Guide five-star hotel and spa is calling this new offering Night Spa, which launches on Valentine’s Day for couples whose idea of a romantic, Covid-friendly night out includes massages, Champagne, jaw-dropping views of Philadelphia and no one else around. The deal-maker on this experience is never-before-offered private access for two to the hotel’s 57th floor spa and infinity pool until 1am. 

The Night Spa experience begins at 10:30pm, after dinner which can be delivered in-room or enjoyed in-restaurant from either Vernick

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The Best ASMR Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Composite image by VICE staff

We really wish “pandemic V-Day” was just another hardcore band instead of our imminent reality. But here we are, trying to envision what the most sensual of holidays could—and should—look like at a time when even forehead kisses feel dangerous (because they are), and talk of latex feels more CDC-kink than anything. In light of these intangible times, we say: Why not try something a little different to conjure the feels this Valentine’s Day? That’s where the ASMR rides in on its noble steed, from one of the most fabulously fried corners of the interweb. 

New to ASMR? “Autonomous sensory meridian response” is basically a relaxing tingling sensation that occurs in the head and spine from sensory stimulation. YouTubers love it. Cardi B loves it. And now, it’s so popular as a concept that even the marketing team at Michelob loves it

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38 Best Amazon Valentine’s Day Deals on Beauty, Skincare and Hair Products Under $35

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a prime time to experiment with new skincare and hair products — especially ones that won’t break the bank. And to no one’s surprise, Amazon offers tons of highly recommended face cleansers, face oils, eye cream, dry shampoo, foundation, toners, face masks and wrinkle treatments for under $35.

While you might be focused on scoring marked-down clothes and shoes from the go-to mega retailer, the Amazon skincare section holds its own with thousands of affordable products that are begging to be added to your daily regimen. You’ll find everything from Neutrogena sunscreen to CeraVe night cream to La Roche-Posay moisturizer to help fight dry skin.

Another incentive for bargain beauty shoppers: If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.

Below, shop 38 of the best-selling skincare items on Amazon that cost under $35. (A couple are less than nine

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