25/04/2024 11:56 AM


The Queen Of Beauty

The 7 fashion trends to borrow from the BAFTA red carpet

You may remember that the last time the BAFTAs took place, back in 2020, many celebrities ignored the request to wear something sustainable – the Duchess of Cambridge was one of the only high-profile guests to adhere to the dress code.

This year appears to be no different. While it’s thought that the same dress code was issued for the 2022 event (shouldn’t this be standard for all red carpet events?), eco-friendly fashion seemed to be low on the agenda. Guests were clearly excited to go all out for the first full-capacity BAFTAs in two years, and that resulted in some memorable red carpet looks, but not, it seems, in sustainable style terms.

To be fair, the kind of designer labels we see on the red carpet tend to have more sustainable operations in general than fast fashion brands, because they don’t have to make compromises to keep prices low. And a lot of celebrities will have borrowed dresses from those fashion houses – but when it comes to the most important stars, their dresses will be custom made, and probably only worn once. Not very sustainable at all. 

There was a lot of fabulous style though, and it’s worth paying attention to award season red carpets, as they can be a trend bellwether. They’re an opportunity to see catwalk ideas – which can be a tad inaccessible to put it mildly – translated into something closer to what we might see on the high street in the coming year. Some are worth borrowing (see: velvet and platform heels), others probably won’t have a life beyond the red carpet (opera gloves and miniskirts with trains) but they get us talking regardless: there’s a fine line between high fashion and ridiculous showboating and plenty of debate about where it actually lies. 

So what can we learn from the BAFTAs about what we should wear in 2022? Read on to find out…