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The Felt Hat, And Its Quality – The Ways to Determine the Felt Hat Quality

Do You Know What Your (Felt) Hat is Made of? – Levine Hat Co.

The online stores are replete with hats of multiple kinds. It’s because hats are making a significant comeback today. One of the hat types that has gained much popularity in the past and also during the recent times is the felt hat. Today, women are taking an interest in flaunting the stylish felt hats and raising their style quotient. Also, today, women are saying yes to the hat to both protect their heads and flaunt their personal style. 

However, when it comes to the felt hat women’s collection, it is essential to analyze the hat quality. The felt cloth, as an ancestral material, is very dense. It is also breathable and water-repellent. Also, the properties carry several benefits for the winter season. 

When it comes to the felt hat, it has certain qualities:

  • Water repellent – The process of felting reinforces all the water-repelling elements of a merino wool. 
  • Insulating – It can naturally regulate the humidity and temperature. Also, air can get captured within the woolen fibers for creating a thermal barrier. 
  • Smell-free – Since the felted merino is naturally anti-bacterial, it can eliminate sweat and doesn’t retain the smell. 
  • Lasting – The woolen fibers can get folded almost 20,000 times without breaking. It can also stretch to 30% without any alternation. Hence, the fabric fold gets retained even after many years. 

Deciding on the quality of the felt hat

It’s essential to know that quality is a subjective idea. It might have to do with the fact that the hat regains its shape and its capacity to be foldable. It might also indicate its ability to endure rain and keep its shape irrespective of the side from where the wind blows. It also has to do with whether it can keep its initial color. 

However, you can make a difference based on the felt density. Here you need to know that the more the fiber of the hat gets tightened, there is more chance of the hat staying in better shape and lively. When you have a high density, it will be less vulnerable to develop stains as the fibers are welded. Do you wish to test the density? If yes, then you can press a needle to the felt. You will get to feel an increased resistance as the density is high; only then will the quality be optimum. 

Also, you need to know that felt isn’t woven. Felt is a textile made from wool or probably fur fibers that can overlap based on the water, heat, and pressure blend. It doesn’t fray, and it is highly durable. And since it’s a non-woven material, it doesn’t get frayed and is more or less long-lasting. If you read about it, you will find that the origins can be traced back to Ancient Greece. However, towards the end of the 19th century, the felt hats started to get noticed back in the United States. You will come across two felt types: fur felt, which is durable and wool felt, which is reasonably priced. 

The thoughts on final processing

The felt in the hat can be present in various factors based on the final processing. There is the short felt, which is a very smooth aspect. Here the felt gets sanded with the sandpaper. Also, there is the Flemish felt, which imitates the fur. Here the hairs get pulled using a metal brush. Also, it mimics the velvet when it comes to the brushed or velvet felt. The hairs get pulled along with the dogfish skin, then cut. It is the quality that takes the maximum time. 

Should you choose fur or wool? 

According to the studies and research, today, the market for wool felt hats are is expanding. If you are opting in for a wool fur hat, it will retain its color to a great extent. Also, it will endure the daily wear and tear and ensure that the finishing touches remain unspoiled. The hats are easy to wear, and it isn’t very costly. Also, you can wear this hat when the temperature dips to a great extent. 

However, if you are searching for a hat that will last you long, along with a well-designed shape and improved sensation, the chances are that you must opt-in for the fur felt. And today, you have several options to choose from, hare, rabbit, beaver, and coypus. However, all of them are very different. Every hat type has its blend of fur. The beaver fur gets blended with rabbit fur, which will probably come up with a different outcome than if it gets combined with hare fur. 

Last but not least, you need to check the hat maker from where you are purchasing the felt hat. It will help if you read the customer reviews and the feedback before making the purchase. If the studies suggest that the hat maker provides good quality felt hats, you can opt-in for it.