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The high-end hangover cures you need to know

Cancel your plans for the afternoon after: this is a two-and-a-half-hour-long treatment that uses a combination of lymphatic drainage methods which dramatically reduce the dominant hangover symptoms of fluid retention, heavy legs, dehydration, and overall tiredness.

It’s a deeply regenerating process, and is tailored specifically to each client and their body’s needs, but the main focus is on toxin elimination, muscle toning, micro-circulation, circulation enhancement and deep relaxation. The treatment takes place in a dimly-lit room, and Pietro encourages me to drink at least a litre-and-a-half of PH-balanced water, which helps to flush out toxins throughout the treatment process.

This is a full-body activation using a combination of the ancient practice of Gua Sha, bamboo body tapping techniques, Zerona low-level laser and LED light therapy for the whole body. Lymphatic drainage is achieved with endospheres therapy, which uses a tool with rotating spheres to vibrate your tissues. Lastly, Presso-Therapy is a non-invasive treatment which alternately compresses and decompresses the lower half of your body. After the treatment I felt lighter, firmer and less bloated – but most importantly, completely rejuvenated. Tona Stell

Pietro Simone at Flemings Mayfair, £390 for 2.5 hours; flemings-mayfair.co.uk

Signature SturmGlow Facial by Dr Barbara Sturm

With a throbbing head, dry mouth and post-hangover anxiety (which my friendship circle likes to call hangxiety) to contend with, skin can be easy to neglect. The mirror, though, is sure to remind you of your body’s post-booze struggle to rehydrate, leaving your face looking dry with more obvious fine lines and wrinkles, plus redness or puffiness to boot.

That’s where Dr Sturm’s Signature SturmGlow Facial comes into play. I was welcomed into the pristine white boutique in the heart of Mayfair and asked to fill out a form detailing my regular skin routine. From there, I was taken into a room to have my face examined: my skin was oily around the forehead, but unsurprisingly dehydrated too. 

After a deep cleanse, removal of some lingering black heads and an anti-aging massage, I was given a face mask followed by a custom selection of creams and serums (some specifically designed for darker skin, for example). This included a hyaluronic serum, considered the most fundamental creation in Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare line. It is said to provide instant hydration to deeper skin layers, leave skin feeling firmer, refreshed and visibly more radiant – much needed after one too many drinks. 

The last stage in the process was microneedling, to increase the production of collagen and therefore reduce wrinkles and acne, resulting in a youthful glow. I was pleasantly surprised by how radiant my skin was – two days on and I still refuse to put makeup on. Precious Adesina

Signature Sturm Glow Facial, £225, with microneedling, £325; drsturm.com

Signature Bespoke Facial by Tarryn Warren

Be gone, dark circles, dehydrated skin and grey complexion. When you’re feeling a bit peaky, it’s undeniable that washing your face makes you feel infinitely better. So imagine someone else giving you a facial while you catch up on some zzzs. Super-facialist Tarryn Warren’s Signature Bespoke Facial is just the trick for the morning after.

Tailored to your needs, the Signature Bespoke Facial aims to reduce puffiness and dark circles while making skin feel firmer and plumper. The facial is a mixture of massage techniques and technology; Gua Sha lymph drainage on the decollete and a brusque – but nonetheless relaxing – massage on the face, combined with LED lights and a nano-current technology helps recharge the ATP (energy levels in your skin cells) and leaves the face looking fresh and glowing. 

If that’s not enough to get you booking, the facial also includes Warren’s famous Body Balancer – a wearable massage suit that helps detoxify, lower cortisol, aid sleep and improve digestion. Sophie Warburton

£245 for 75 mins; tarrynwarren.com

Reflexology at E by Equinox 

If you’re feeling a bit wobbly at work and regretting that umpteenth Negroni, sway down to the elegant E by Equinox gym in St James’s. Here, in the basement of a converted bank, the spa offers a 30-minute reflexology treatment for the feet which is said to soothe hangovers.

On arrival I am greeted by Derek, a practitioner from Chicago, who soothingly sets me on the bed and dims the lights, before getting to work on my feet; all I need to do is roll up my trousers. While I rest my throbbing eyelids, Derek applies pressure to certain points on my soles and toes that are – according to the Far Eastern philosophy that underpins reflexology – connected to internal organs.

Apparently the stomach is remotely manipulated through a point on the left foot; the liver is treated by pressing into the sole of the right foot. Big toes relate to the head. With a firm touch – sometimes reflexology can almost be painful, be warned – Derek massages these alcohol-abused pressure points and by the time my half-hour is up, I do indeed feel somewhat better. Could it be a placebo effect? “That’s powerful, too,” he says. Either way, it’s a quick fix that helps me return to my desk for the afternoon, renewed and refreshed. Susie Rushton 

Reflexology at E by Equinox, £60 for 25 minutes and £97 for 50 minutes; equinox.com

The Doctor’s Verdict:

“I’m not against these therapies as parallel options with other things, and if there’s a placebo effect, that’s all well and good. You see that in drug trials: for black-and-white physical conditions, the placebo might have a 20 percent response rate. So there is a lot to placebo that you can’t sniff at. And just the time to yourself does you good.”

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