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The hot pants Dangri dress


The hot pants danger dress is a traditional Iranian costume known as danger, zanjeer, or Sanji. It can be worn as a dress or as an upper garment over other clothes, which will make the wearer warm in cold weather and shady in sunny weather. 

, Both men and women have used this type of clothing, but it has been more common among women in the past century. The modern usage of this dress can be seen in major cities such as Tehran, Kerman, Ahvaz, and Qom in Iran, among others.

Most Important Places to Wear Them

 They’re also great for events in the spring and summer when temperatures heat up. Hot Pants can be worn on the beach and make a great swimsuit cover-up if you’re heading somewhere after your trip to the shore. 

A Dangri is a pair of very short shorts often worn with a crop top, and it has become one of the most popular styles among celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. The style was created by designer Anju Modi who was inspired by her mother’s traditional salwar kameez when she made her first pair in 2012.

Staying Safe While Wearing Them in Public

If so, it’s important to remember that these garments are only for personal use and should not be worn in public. Even if it’s an unspoken rule that people wear them as workout clothes at your gym, you shouldn’t do it. You could be arrested for indecent exposure when you get caught wearing them in public, especially in a more conservative city like Brisbane. 

If you choose to wear them anyway and put yourself at risk, expect the police to confiscate your clothes and fine you $500 US dollars. That’s how serious the government is about not wearing these garments in public. If you want to show off your hot pants dangri dress in public, there are plenty of places online where you can purchase them without the worry of being arrested or fined.

Find Out Where To Buy Them In Your City

Otherwise, you can check there if they are being sold in a store in your area. If they’re not being sold anywhere, you will have to buy them online. You may need help from your tailor as well.

Many tailors will know what type of material you can get it from, including the website that sells it and any extra details about the specific type of material needed for your new outfit. 


Regarding the name hot pants, many people are familiar with them as a skirt or shorts that women wear. They refer to extremely short dresses usually worn by cheerleaders and the like in most cases. 

On other occasions, the term refers to short shorts designed for men and women that show off thighs and rear end. From these examples, we can see how understanding these kinds of fashion details can help us in our lives in an authentic way.