The post-run hair wash issue has been solved with Ready Sweat Glo

Do you wash or do you not wash? Runners often wonder, after training, if there is enough time for their much-needed hair wash. In most cases, the answer is no, leaving those sweaty/oily locks to run wild.

There are wider consequences to this dilemma than just smelly hair. Research shows that 70% of Australian women consider themselves insufficiently active, with almost half pointing this out as a lack of time.

A trio of Australian athletes and Glósóli Sport founders have set out to help resolve this dilemma: Anneliese Rubie-Renshaw (400m Olympian 2016/2020), Kelly Peel (800m World Champs representative) and Ashleigh Palmer (400m hurdler). They were frustrated by the lack of sport-specific self-hair care products when they founded Glósóli Sport.

Their first product, Ready Sweat Glo, can be applied to damp hair after a workout to solve the post-run hair wash issue. The natural Australian citrus fragrance (which is a crowd favourite) immediately absorbs oil and sweat, while removing odours and refreshing hair. Preserving valuable recovery time for athletes after their runs.

As a result of thorough testing of existing aerosol dry shampoos on the market, the trio discovered that existing products use harsh chemical propellants that aren’t designed to be applied immediately to wet or sweaty hair and don’t absorb the high levels of post-exercise sweat.

Over the past two years, Anneliese, Kelly and Ash have worked with Australia’s leading cosmetic chemists to develop a formula that can withstand the most demanding workouts without being polluted by chemicals. We developed Ready Sweat Glo’s unique non-aerosol liquid mist formula as a result, which includes all-natural superhero ingredients like bamboo stem micro powders for oil absorption, noni plant stem cells for scalp and hair health, and butyl advacadate extracted from avocado oil to reduce excess oil production.

It’s not just about the products at Glósóli Sport; it’s also about empowering women to take part in sport and fitness. Our co-founder and Olympian Anneliese Rubie-Renshaw says, “We want to make exercise part of everyone’s lifestyle by inspiring them to be confident and empowered.” Most people don’t like exercising because it makes them look bad. Using our product can help reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready post-workout and achieve good hair days every day.”

Post-consumer recycled materials are used in the packaging of Ready Sweat Glo, which is made in Australia. With its simplicity and ease of use, it should be one of your latest training bag essentials.