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Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

10 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Diamond

There are a lot of things you should consider before buying a diamond engagement ring. Since engagement rings are special, extra effort should be given to them. So knowing how and where to buy a diamond engagement ring matters a lot. If you want to impress your partner then consider the following when planning to buy your partner’s engagement ring:

Be Familiar with the 4c’s of Diamond

There are 4cs that you have to check on diamonds to know how good their qualities are. Getting familiar with it can be of big help when looking for a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are graded according to how colorless they are. The more colorless the more expensive, so opting for nearly colorless ones can be a good choice. For clarity, diamonds with inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye are good enough since diamonds without inclusion are rare and expensive. For the cut, getting an excellently cut diamond can assure the durability of your diamonds, especially diamonds that are poorly cut and can get broken and chipped easily. Lastly for carats, knowing how many carats your diamond should be included since diamonds are priced per carat. 

Choosing the Center Stone 

Once you get familiar with the 4cs, choosing your center stone will be easier. Take note that you are buying for your partner so make your partner’s preference your basis for choosing the shape and color of the diamond for the center stone. Knowing what your partner likes for the shape for the center stone matters most since most women love their favorite shapes in their jewelry.   

Picking for side Stones

Aside from the center stone, your diamond engagement ring can be more stunning with side stones especially if your partner loves their ring to be sparkly. When choosing side stones make sure that the size and color are one tone and one size smaller from the center stone. 

Pick a Metal For your Band 

The metal for your engagement ring should match with your center stone not only for its appearance but for its durability. Choose a metal that can protect and support your center stone. Platinum and gold are the top choices since they are the most durable metals. For gold 18k and 14k are the choices, 14k is more durable since they are combined with more metals which means it is harder. Golds are soft when not mixed with other metals that’s why pure goods are impossible to be used as metals for pieces of jewelry. 

Choosing the Settings

The design of the ring can contribute to its beauty. Several settings can be used for diamond engagement rings. However to make it easier for you to choose. Make sure to know if your partner prefers simple or complicated designs. By doing so you can choose one or more settings to combine especially if you’re planning to customize your ring. There are also ready-made rings that are made with several setting combinations you can choose from. 

Knowing the Ring Size of Your Partner

No one wants to wear a loose or tight ring. So getting the exact size of your partner’s ring finger can add up to making her happy. Getting a ring that fits her well can make her feel more special on her engagement day. 

Choose Your Jeweler

The best person to approach when looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring is a jeweler since they know more about it. However, as a customer, you should know how to pick a jeweler that you can rely on and be honest enough to give you a good offer for our diamond engagement ring. 


Take note that every diamond purchase you made should come with a certificate. Diamonds are evaluated and certificates are issued to prove that they have passed the standard quality of a diamond. On the certificate, the attributes of the diamonds are put in detail which makes it for the buyer to know the properties of the diamonds they are buying.   


Now that you know the things you should consider before buying a diamond engagement ring you can now start shopping for your diamond engagement ring. Getting tips before buying a diamond is better than just shopping on your own.