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Things You Should Know What is styling?

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Styling is one of the ways to develop a career in the fashion industry. The stylist can work with both anonymous and famous people. What do you need to practice this profession? The first thing is that you feel a great passion for fashion and clothing. So in today’s post we will see what this trade consists of and in which areas it develops its work. And if you want to dedicate yourself to it professionally, take a look at the vlone, clothing and fashion consulting.

Styling is a profession that encompasses knowledge of trends to improve a person’s image. The stylist is the one who works with the clothes, but you should know that some hairdressers and makeup artists can also be considered stylists.

It is a very creative work in which it is necessary to know the trends in clothing, hairstyles, accessories and makeup to adapt them to each client. In short, it is a very personal image consultancy. The way of working with each individual is very individualized. This is because each person has different features, face shape, skin color, complexion, etc. The job of the stylist is to use the fashion resources that he knows to highlight the virtues and hide the weak points of the physique.

Ideally, the professional stylist will also have some knowledge of psychology. The personality of the client with whom you work must be taken into account in a consultancy to improve the image. It is about creating a more attractive version, but the person must also feel comfortable with her new look.

What Are The Functions Of The Stylist?

A good stylist has various job opportunities to live off his passion. The most basic way to carry out the profession is to offer the service to private clients. Today, personal image is increasingly important to ordinary people. Really, many clients will be willing to invest to help them get the best of their image in several sessions.

The reasons why someone hires a stylist are very diverse. Some people feel insecure about their image, others want to look better to attract a partner or because their trade requires it (they want to get a job, their profession is in the public eye, etc.). Even if you are good, you can specialize as a personal stylist for people with high net worth.

This is the most basic way to practice this profession. But what if we told you that you can work on a shoot? In every movie you see, the characters wear certain clothes, hairstyles, makeup … Who do you think is in charge of determining how the actors will look? Behind this task, there are the stylists. They also take care of choosing the look of models and celebrities for their photo sessions.

A stylist can use her knowledge for the world of advertising, the shooting of a video clip or other events. Sometimes you don’t work on people, but with places or animals. We refer to advisors for the image of pets and interior decorators.

As you can see, in the field of styling it can be scaled to put into practice the knowledge where the professional feels most comfortable. If creativity and skills are there, the outputs can be varied.

What Is The Professional Profile Of The Stylist?

Remember that studies are very important, but you also have to take other aspects into account. These are:

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Vocation for fashion

First of all, a profession like this requires a vocation for fashion. So, you should never stop training and reading about fashion. It is an industry that is constantly changing and forces you to be updated so as not to be left behind. Therefore, you need a high degree of passion for the sector so as not to stop learning about trends.

Gift of people

On the other hand, you have to be someone who is empathetic and oriented towards working with other people. This is essential: if you do not like working with people, it is almost impossible that you can be a good stylist. You must have a lot of patience, know how to listen and give a very personal treatment.


The stylist also needs to be creative by wearing outfit like vlone jacket. He must understand, for example, the psychology of colors to combine them properly. You also need to pay great attention to detail. When the professional observes a person, he has to be able to detect the strengths of his physique and what should be improved. Only then will he be able to dress her and comb her in a way that improves her image.


Another highlight is the versatility. Sometimes the client will not be happy with the looks you choose for him. Even if you think that something favors him, you have to know how to find the balance between your recommendations and what the person wants.

Continuous training

Finally, it is very important to study and analyze the fashion of the past to understand the current one and anticipate the trends that are coming. Continuous learning is mandatory in this profession.

If you want to develop your career in fashion styling, we can help you achieve it. Check out our courses and masters and dedicate yourself to the profession of your dreams. It is a rewarding sector full of opportunities.