21/02/2024 9:44 PM


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This Online Store Has the Worst Customer Service in America

Retail has been embracing online shopping in a big way for a couple of decades now. But it exploded big time in 2020, when suddenly, because of the coronavirus pandemic hit, we found ourselves browsing the internet for cleaning supplies, shoes, video games, and everything in between. However, while often convenient, not all online shopping experiences are positive ones. So, we at Best Life set out to find the worst online shopping site in America—including both purely internet businesses, and the online versions of brick-and-mortar stores.

We started with the 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to see how sites scored on their 100-point scale, with 100 being the highest level of customer satisfaction. (For stores not specifically named in the ASCI survey, we used their “all other stores” average satisfaction score of 79).

Then, we gathered ratings from widely used consumer-review sites Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs. After discarding stores that were missing ratings from one or both of these sites, we were left with a list of 25 online shopping sites. We then gave each of the metrics a weighted value before running them through our exclusive algorithm to see how each site scored on our 100-point scale Dissatisfaction Index

Our results show that online shopping sites generally have very favorable reviews—they did better than brick-and-mortar stores in the ASCI report, to start. You can also see it in the way the index scores cluster—there’s two with very low dissatisfaction, three with markedly higher dissatisfaction, and the rest are clustered in a fairly narrow set of values. However, the worst webstore was so bad that it scored the lowest satisfaction on every metric we checked. Read on to find out which one topped the charts—and for more insight into bad shopping experiences, check out This Store Has the Worst Customer Service in America.

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