21/04/2024 5:26 PM


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Three Advantages of LIQUID Multivitamins

The food that we eat gives our body Vitamins and Minerals. One can also take supplements of them depending on the need. One of the methods of consuming them is in liquid form. So, what are the advantages of consuming liquid multivitamins?
They are more effective and easily absorbed:Though the vitamins taste bad in the liquid form rather than in the chewable tablet form or a capsule they are absorbed much better by the body in the liquid form. They also do not cause problems like choking, swallowing, or breathing when taken in the form of a liquid. Sometime though the vitamins are consumed in the form of a tablet, they would not be completely absorbed by the body. This applies for both children as well as for adults. Liquids are more easily assimilated in the blood stream and the absorption rate is said to be as high as 98%. The liquid multivitamin is also almost three to five times more concentrated when compared to the pills because of which it has more therapeutic benefits and also leads to higher bio-activity.
Easily digestive: Many people are of the assumption that liquid multivitamins are bad for the stomach as it causes digestive juices destruction that is not a part of the digestion process. But, the truth is that our digestive system actually absorbs the liquid multivitamins much better than it absorbs them as a capsule or a chewable tablet form. A pill or a capsule has to be broken down completely and then only will it be digested and in turn benefits our body. During this process of breaking down, only about 30% of the nutrients are absorbed. However, when liquid multivitamins are consumed there is no breaking down process and more than 90% of it is easily consumed by the human body. The process of digestion is not to withhold the nutrients from reaching the blood stream but to make them in such a way that they improve the entire body constitution. Its puritans pride coupon.
Liquid Multivitamins are not toxic: Another problem people have with liquid multivitamins are the colloidal minerals that are found in them. The question is – are they harmful or not?
Traces of colloidal minerals are found in all the plants. Even apples are said to have about 5 mg of aluminum in them. But, do people ever say that apples are dangerous for your health? It is in fact said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So, it is same with the liquid multivitamins as well. They do contain a small and a negligible amount of colloidal minerals and they are definitely not harmful to the health in any way.Apart from this colloidal minerals are those that occur naturally in nature and there is no way one can escape from consuming them in some form or another.
So, if you have to take vitamin supplements, make a choice as to you want to take them in the form of the liquid and make it more useful as more than 90% is consumed by the body or you can pop a pill in which more than 30% is not absorbed by the body.