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Tips for Finding the Right Size Bra

Bra shopping, whether it is at Lulalu, or another department store, may seem traumatic if you don’t know the actual size of your bra. Many women are not comfortable wearing bras that dig into their skin or slip off their shoulders easily. However, if you are not sure how to find the right bra or bra size, you are not going to find one that is best for you. To ensure you are receiving the most out of your bra shopping experience, there are several tips you should consider when shopping for a new bra. 

Tips for Finding the Right Bra Size

If your bra is too big or too small, you are probably not wearing the correct bra size. Here are some tips to consider when bra shopping.

The Band Provides Most of the Support

The cups keep the breasts in place, but the band is responsible for 90 percent of the support you receive for wearing a bra. Think about strapless bras. So, even though the straps may seem like they are there to hold your breasts up, they are only there to keep your cup flush with the rest of your body and to help shape your breasts. Furthermore, if your cup and band fit well, you should be able to slip off your straps and take a few steps while your bra is still in place.

Know Your Size and Sister Size

Just like shopping for jeans, bras come in a variety and may fit differently according to brand and style. This is why it is important that you should know your actual size and your sister sizes. If one bra doesn’t fit in your current size, your sister size might do. For example, a 32C means you could possibly fit a 30D or a 34B. This means you could either go up one cup or down one cup. If you are a 34C, you may also fit a bra that fits better in a 36B or a 32D. 

When you know your sister size, you can accommodate various sizes between different brands. This is also a good rule of thumb to follow if your actual size is hard to find. 

Using the Equation to Figure out Bra Size

Your bra size is simply a ratio that combines the measurements of your cup and band size. You may be surprised by what a bra expert tells you if you go to a professional bra fitting boutique. You may find it surprising that you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size your entire adult life. You can also measure yourself at home using some measurement tape.

Is Your Bra Size too Small or too big?

If your bra straps are digging into your shoulders, it could mean that your cups are too small. If you find that your breasts are spilling out around the edges of the cup, you may find that you can benefit from larger cups. You shouldn’t have to constantly pull your straps to hold your breasts in check.