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Top Fashion Trends From Coachella 2022

Coachella marks the official beginning of the festival season, and even better, festival fashion. The desertous two-weekend event takes place in Indio, California, just outside of Palm Springs the luxurious desert getaway for Southern Californians and the festival is known to be a career-changing gig for artists, and one of the biggest honors to headline.

From desert-inspired fashion to funky patterns, the most extravagant two-piece outfits and even straight-up bikinis, the fashion is one of the best parts of Coachella. See what everyone wore this year, and trends that will surely influence the entire festival season if not summer style in general.

Here are 10 trends from Coachella 2022 to inspire future festival outfits.


10 Bikini Season

Bra tops have been trending over the last year as the perfect feminine touch to trouser pants or to wear under a blazer, and now with the summer months coming up, say hello to bikinis as tops.

This is a great capsule closet trend as you can wear your bikinis to the beach, or as a top, especially for festival wear.

9 Cutout Pants

Ever since the world became obsessed with Euphoria, cut-out pants have gone viral. Thanks to consumer designer Heidi Bivens, the cut-out pants worn by Maddy in season one have begun to define Yk2 fashion.

This is a great detail for festival wear as you can wear comfortable pants for navigating the festival grounds and long days, but with a fun cut-out detail. Style it with a matching halter or bikini top.

8 Super Mini Skirts

Waistlines are going down, you can expect to see less high waisted and more low-rise, which includes mini skirts. Many folks at Coachella were rocking ultra mini skirts with a low-rise paired with a crop.

With this look, you can have fun with it. Get a bright-colored or textured two-piece outfit and embrace a low-rise waistline. Many models like Hailey Beiber and Kendall Jenner were rocking the low-rise trend at the festival, so you can expect it to become a festival trend.

7 Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts are a happy medium for hot weather, they are a bit flowy, and sometimes have shorts under making them comfortable and practical, but also the cute mini skirt style sticks to trends.

Pair a colorful tennis skirt with any crop or bra top, and you are festival ready. This is a comfy and cute outfit for day two or three when you are feeling more tired and want something reliable.

6 Halter Tops

The halter top season marks the beginning of summer, so welcome warm weather with your favorite halter top at a festival.

Halters were made for festivals, they speak to the essence of the culture: being comfy, cute, no bra and getting a tan on your back during a full day of music. You won’t regret wearing a halter top for the style and practicality.

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5 Fun Two-Pieces

If you are going to a multiple-day festival and you don’t bring at least one two-piece outfit, you are making a mistake. It is the perfect destination outfit because you can wear the two-piece together, or separately if you suddenly feel like switching things up.

Find the perfect two-piece for your summer festival, and wear it all summer long.

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4 Lots of Sparkles

From giant sparkles embedded into clothing to sequined fringe, Coachella was full of glimmery dresses, tops and bikinis.

Sparkles as a trend dig back into Yk2 fashion, think back to the sparkling Limited Two outfits you used to wear back in elementary school. Channel your inner child in the best way at festivals by bringing back blingy sparkles.

3 Crochet

As Coachella tends to be the debut of many summers and festival trends, crochet was a strong contender for big trends. From crochet dresses to pants and two-pieces, it seems to be back for warmer weather.

From wearing it over beach clothes to desert vibes, crochet is a versatile fabric. You can even wear it as a sheer layer for a spicy streetwear look.

2 Long, Sheer Layers

Speaking of long sheer layers, they are perfect for the festival season because it is a light layer that doesn’t make you feel hot but still offers some protection from the long day and sun.

From dresses to rompers and skirts, layer up the sheer layers for comfort and style.

1 Dessert Accessories

When going to a music festival, especially one like Coachella that has so much sun, there are some basic accessories you need to get through the day comfortably. One, a hat to protect your skin and hair from the long day in the sun, and sunnies to match.

Do bring a scarf or bandana to put around your nose and mouth when traveling around the festival, it gets to be like a dust storm, this goes for almost any festival, not just Coachella. While it may be tempting to wear cute shoes, go with something comfortable and durable for the dirt road. Wear your favorite sneakers, and don’t be sad when they return home covered in dust.

Cowboy or combat boots are also perfect for the occasion, but make sure you have really worn them in before wearing.

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