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Top Places To Shop Online That Aren’t Amazon

Tula, Russia 17. 06 2019 Overstock.com on the laptop display.

Tula, Russia 17. 06 2019 Overstock.com on the laptop display.

Since we’ve all been mainly staying inside and will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future, online shopping has become a necessity rather than a fun activity to engage in while watching TV at night. Of course, Amazon’s the easiest place to get everything you need online, but it’s not the only place where you can get your essentials and “essentials.”

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We’ve put together a list of retailers that can help you get everything your heart desires. And you won’t have to wait forever for delivery.

Last updated: Feb. 12, 2021

Target app

Target app


Amazon may have the market cornered on two-day delivery, but Target — which carries an outrageous assortment of items — isn’t a slouch in the delivery department either. Items from the website are delivered within two days on purchases over $35. No minimum is required if you use your Target store card.

If you’ve got to have your purchase today, you can sign up for a premium service and receive same-day delivery or choose curbside pickup to get the items yourself.

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Home Depot

If you’re planning to engage in some renovations this holiday season, you may want to check out Home Depot’s website. Not only can you order online and then pick up your items in-store, but the retailer also has shipping deals on many major appliances. The best part: You can look at light fixtures all day and no one will judge you for not making a decision within the first 45 minutes.

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Overhead view of relaxed man sitting on terrace using.

Overhead view of relaxed man sitting on terrace using.

Thrive Market

Whole Foods (owned by Amazon and therefore not on this list) isn’t your only option for organic groceries. Thrive promises to get you the lowest prices on organic food and allows you to shop by dietary restrictions. Best of all, your order is delivered right to your front door.

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Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative offers a large selection of lower-cost and sustainable cleaning products. The site features everything you need to keep your house looking good and smelling even better. Grove Collaborative members get a free Mrs. Meyers cleaning kit when they sign up, but the real value is knowing that cleaning products will be sent to your house monthly — meaning you’ll never run out of soap again.

Los Angeles, California, USA - 25 June 2019: Illustrative Editorial of Overstock website homepage.

Los Angeles, California, USA – 25 June 2019: Illustrative Editorial of Overstock website homepage.


Overstock is often overlooked when it comes to shopping, but this site features furniture, home decor, tech, clothing and jewelry (among other things) for cheaper prices than you’d find at other online retailers. The site often runs sales and offers up some unique items, so check them out before you purchase home goods from a competitor.

Scottsdale,Az/USA- 7.

Scottsdale,Az/USA- 7.

Sur la Table

Looking for kitchenware that’s great for your own kitchen and nice enough to gift to others this holiday season? Sur la Table is your go-to for all your needs — especially if you’re looking for a cast-iron skillet or Le Creuset products on sale.

AliExpress and Wish

Are you a truly adventurous spirit? Are you cool with waiting for a bit (sometimes up to three weeks) for unique products? Are you the type of person who can plan out a holiday list weeks in advance? And also the type of person who knows how to pivot when Plan A doesn’t work?

If so, you might have a really great time with AliExpress and Wish, online retailers that sell products you’ve never dreamed might exist at rock bottom prices.

The biggest problem? Aside from having to play the waiting game, the items that come in the mail may look and function a little differently than advertised. So while you won’t be out too much money, the 205 piece tool set you bought for $14.99 may not be up to CRAFTSMAN quality.

Etsy store app

Etsy store app


Looking for something unique or vintage to liven up your home or surprise a special someone? Etsy is the home for all your handmade needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a rug or a macrame wall hanging — Etsy’s got it. And you’re probably getting the only one.

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Don’t forget your familiars when you’re shopping! Chewy offers discounts and free shipping on some of your pet’s most-wanted products. And if you need to purchase something that requires a prescription, Chewy will contact your vet and get it all sorted. Honestly, the site’s worth it for that option alone.

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