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Training in London for teeth whitening

Normally, people notice the brightness of a smile as one of the first things about them; many have become conscious of this and feel the need to look their absolute best.

Whitening your teeth has gained popularity in the past few years and has been modernised, simplified, and revised to fit the average person, so it is no longer only considered a treatment for those with a lot of money to spend on cosmetic procedures. Many types of teeth whitening are now available, including in-clinic and home treatments.

In our London teeth whitening training course, you will learn how to safely and effectively perform laser teeth whitening treatment. You will have happy clients return for further sessions and recommend you to their friends and family.

Taking this course will allow you to provide the treatment from your clinical setting and would be a great addition to the non-invasive cosmetic treatments you already provide or even if you wish to provide the treatments on your own. Most people with healthy teeth and gums can undergo our teeth whitening treatment, and we cater to all ages from 18+.

It is possible to perform treatments in a clinic setting permanently, or to work as a mobile therapist in different clinics and salons.

You will have the opportunity to undergo teeth whitening training under the supervision of a senior cosmetologist who has many years of experience performing non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Training Outline for Whitening Teeth

A one-day course will be held, during which you will receive both theoretical and practical training. All aspects of the treatments will be discussed with you, and indications and contraindications will be explained. A combination of theory and practice will be included in the training, which will take place during the course of one day. When you attend our training, you’ll learn how to whiten teeth using a non-peroxide gel, which complies with UK and EU regulations.

We’re confident our training program will help you comply with the legal framework of both the UK and the EU regarding teeth whitening and who is able to carry it out. As a legal perspective, we will provide you with information regarding the important aspects of the cosmetic non dental teeth whitening industry at the present time.As a legal perspective, we will provide you with information regarding the important aspects of the cosmetic non dental teeth whitening industry at the present time.

In accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive, teeth whitening qualifies as a cosmetic treatment under the House of Lords and the European Commission. We teach in a way that meets the requirements of cosmetic teeth whitening frameworks and so you do not have to comply with the dental teeth whitening legislation.

Options for teeth whitening

Package One is available for only £1499

It is Harley Street Specialists 1 Day Elite teeth whitening face-to-face training (online training is also available). It is a comprehensive start-up business package for those wishing to enter the cosmetic teeth whitening industry, Students are provided with teeth whitening theory training as well as practical hands-on training.

If you’re on a budget, this professional-size machine is great. You can set up a mobile clinic or a fixed location if you wish

RRP £4200 for Package Two [ £1950] 55% Off

A complete start-up business for those wishing to get into the cosmetic teeth whitening industry. The Harley street Specialists 1 Day Elite teeth whitening training (online training available) T200 55 watts machine, rated as the most powerful in the market, with 7 treatment packs will be given to students.

Mobile or in-store treatments are possible with this professional size machine.

When comparing our gels with those from other UK suppliers, our Revolutionary bespoke gels proved to be 30-40% more effective.