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transcosmos announces the results of “Online Shopping Trends Survey in 10 Asian Cities 2021” | News

TOKYO, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — transcosmos inc. conducted its proprietary “Online Shopping Trends Survey in 10 Asian Cities 2021” in order to gauge the current trends and changes in consumer online shopping behavior across major Asian cities. In addition to identifying the changes in shopping behavior over the past four years, this year transcosmos also analyzed the Covid-19 induced changes in shopping behavior. Also, for this fourth survey, transcosmos featured consumer perception and usage of live streaming commerce, a new marketing channel to push sales that is gaining popularity. The study found both what pleases and discourages consumers in using the new channel.

  • Visit transcosmos research department’s official blog for detailed survey results (No translation available).

URL: https://blog.trans-cosmos.co.jp/research/20210315_onlineshopping-survey.html

Live streaming commerce – consumer perception and usage

  • More than half of respondents said they have shopped using live streaming commerce in Hanoi (62.5%), Bangkok (60.6%), and Mumbai (52.5%). On the contrary, Tokyo remained as low as 5.9%, showing a significant gap with other Asian cities.
  • When it comes to how they feel about live streaming commerce, “You can get explanations that are difficult to understand with just images and text” (65.2%), “When shopping, you can immediately look up questions and concerns” (57.3%) and “Demonstrations are given on how to use the products” (50.9%) received high average scores of 10 cities, showing that consumers appreciate the features that only live streaming commerce can offer. For consumers in Shanghai and Mumbai, one of the appeals of live streaming commerce is that they can enjoy connecting and supporting their favorite celebrities and distributors.
  • “The timing of the online streams often does not suit me” (41.4%) received the highest average score of 10 cities as a reason for not using live streaming commerce. At the same time, “I want to think carefully when shopping,” and “I hate it because it’s like TV shopping” and other reasons related to consumers’ preferred shopping methods also ranked high.

Covid-19 induced changes in purchase behavior

  • “I am shopping at physical shops less frequently” (56.5%), “I now spend more time and money on online shopping” (49.8%), and “I eat at home more while preparing my own meals and using online delivery services” (41.7%) scored high in the average of 10 cities. This clearly reflects the shift to shopping online from physical stores as consumers spend more time at home.
  • A huge increase in online shopping frequency shown in each city, one of the indexes we measure every year, regardless of the scale of Covid-19 infection and the severity of social restrictions also backs up the trend.
  • “Daily necessities / toiletries” increased the most among online shopping categories for all the cities showing an average score of 50.4%, while “Food delivery” scored the highest in Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Manila and Bangkok.

“Given consumers’ increasing reliance on online shopping under the coronavirus crisis, our study clearly shows that live streaming commerce has taken hold as a new sales method, and many consumers are actively shopping with it,” commented Masashi Hagiwara, an analyst in Global Business Headquarters at transcosmos. “Although live streaming commerce is yet to become familiar in Japan, businesses must work on the new channel to build essential expertise for them to operate e-commerce business in Asia.”

Method: Global online research panel, multilingual questionnaire (respective local language options available)

Regions: Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai), Taiwan (Taipei), Indonesia (Jakarta), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Vietnam (Hanoi), Philippines (Manila), India (Mumbai)

Respondents: Men and women aged between 10 and 49 years old that have used online shopping (made a purchase) in the past 1 year

Samples: 320 x 10 cities = Total 3,200

Period: December 2020 to January 2021

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