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Types of Brim Hats for Men to Explore This Summer

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If you think of brim hats, what does automatically come to your mind? A wide brim hat on a beautiful woman who is walking through a garden on a sunny summer day, right? We instantly link brim hats with women and girls due to the popularity of brim hats with respect to women. However, during the vintage times, men used to wear brim hats as well. Thanks to the global fashion revolution of the recent times, we now have enough evidence to prove that brim hats on men are equally appealing and intriguing and they are on women. 

If you happen to be someone who does not know about brim hats and wants to give it a try—then this article is just right for you! Alternatively, if you know about such hats but have not gotten a chance to explore the diverse variants, do give this a read because you will definitely get to know about some fantastic ideas to boost your style statement this summer.

Panama Hat:

Originally used in tropical regions, Panama hats have been in fashion since a long time. In present times, Panama hats are used worldwide with a slight bias towards the coastal regions. If you want to visit a beach party with a rocking look, there is no better option for you than go with a pair of shorts, a short sleeves shirt and a Panama hat. This variant has a slightly creased crown and wide brim with a slightly rounded edge. It can be made up of various materials such as straw and light-weighted fabrics.

Gambler Hat:

Another variant of brim hats that has gained popularity in western fashion is the gambler hat. Gambler hats can be worn with an edgy outfit such as a black tuxedo or anything with a pair of black trousers. Such type of hats can be made up of felted material or something of similar texture. It is one of the criteria of a gambler hat to be made up of hard textured material because that is what gives it a rough and tough look. Black felt hat mens has become popular mainly due to the “gambler” look that comes with it. The brims of gambler hats are more rounded or turned-upwards compared to Panama hats and the crown is oval in shape. 

Bucket Hat:

Bucket hats have recently gained much importance globally due to their effortless stylish look and breathable materials. It is one of the accessories you can add to your outfit to look chic without doing much about it. This type of hat has a short brim and has a creased crown. You can pair it up with a pair of casual denim and a half-sleeved cotton or linen shirt. 

Although there are various materials of bucket hats that are available in the market or online, it is better to stick to breathable and light-weighted fabrics because ideally bucket hats have an inherent casual look to it hence it will enhance your look if you wear a bucket hat of such materials and not thick materials such as leather.

Trilby Hat:

Trilby hats are widely confused with wide brim hats because of the similar shape and size. However, there is a vivid difference—trilby hats have a much higher crown and shorter brims than wide brim hats. Trilbies have a very tropical yet formal look to it. It is ideal to be worn in the morning and afternoon and has sufficient shield or shade due to the short brim. Because of the light-weighted materials, trilby hats have gained much importance globally; however, you may find trilbies made up of various other materials in recent times.

Bowler’s Hat:

If you are a fan of old fashion and vintage hats, you will definitely like to give it a try. It is the most formal piece out of the rest. Bowler’s hats have a perfectly round crown and short brim, which is curved upward—this gives the authentic taste of British fashion. You may pair it up with a formal tuxedo suit for your summer parties. 

Final thoughts

Even though there is a certain fashion bias in terms of men and women, it is high time that we seek for changes and revolutionize the fashion game. It does not depend on who you are or what gender you are of in order to slay a look. All that truly matters is how confident and comfortable are you in your skin wearing a certain something. 

If you can pull something off and better than others, there is no way to rethink your fashion choices. Similarly, even in the case of brim hats, do not just shy away because you think you will not look right or appropriate in it. Whether it is summer, monsoon, autumn or winter—a brim that goes a long way throughout the year and is definitely one of the accessories that can have a huge impact on your style.