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Unique Mother’s Day Gifts: A Shopping Roundup

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts To Shop Now

Team SG shares their top picks

unique Mother's Day gifts

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 12 2022

Ah, Mother’s Day. That time of year where we reflect on the wonderful moms in our lives with gratitude and a “Wait, is it this weekend, or next weekend? Or is it in June? Or is that Father’s Day?” level of scheduling anxiety.

Spoiler: It’s Sunday, May 8. So, let’s get ahead of it this year!

I read once that a good rule of thumb to live by: The store you shop at for Valentine’s Day is not the store you shop at for Mother’s Day. 

That means: no lingerie—this holds true when shopping for your mother, obvs, but also your wife or partner tbh. This holiday is about her, not her cleavage.

Whether you’re shopping for the mother of your child, your mom, stepmom, sister, sister-in-law, or favorite dog mom…we here at SG HQ want to help. 

The key to a great Mother’s Day gift? A present that’s thoughtfully chosen, slightly indulgent, and surprisingly utilitarian.

Below, shop unique Mother’s Day gifts for the badass moms in your life:

1. A really good hair dryer

Why it’s a great gift: My mother, god bless her, uses the sh*ttiest blow dryer I’ve ever seen in my life.

Honestly. Her hair would dry faster if she just asked my dad to stand on a stool and blow on it. 

A really (really) great hair dryer is exactly the kind of thing she would never buy for herself, and that’s exactly what makes it a great gift.

The Dyson Airwrap above is the tool all the Tiktok girlies love these days, and if you’ve got the means, you will score some major husband/son/kindly stranger points.

Looking to spend less? Get her the less expensive but still quite good Revlon version!

It’s available at Target, and rings up just over $50, making it a much more affordable option.

2. Something Monogrammed

monogrammed canvas tote bag: Leatherology, $150

Why it’s a great gift: I don’t know how men with children leave the house without lugging at least a backpack, but all the moms I know love a big f*cking bag.

Something with enough room for a work computer and kids’ snacks. A tote that can wet wipes and a wallet.

But a bag shouldn’t just be functional. Mom deserves something beautiful and sturdy to boot. Something just for her. Like this striking black and white canvas bag with a place for her initials, which will make her feel beautiful as she schleps the world on her shoulders.

3. A Wine Subscription

Why it’s a great gift: Yeah yeah, the mommy wine culture trope is easy to mock.


If a beloved mom in your life lives for a glass of vino at the end of a long day (but you know, in a healthy, moderation-is-key kind of way), skip the “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” Yeti and gift her a wine box subscription.

Bright Cellars puts the gift recipient through a fun quiz that curates a delivery she’ll love, and get smarter over time.

4. An artfully framed photo

Framebridge picture in frame
8X10 picture in a 14X16 frame: Framebridge, $95

Why it’s a great gift: What mother can resist a framed photo of her with her favorite offspring? You can get an Instagram photo of the two of you framed for cheap from Framebridge, with loads of options for matting and frames. It’s personal and modern and something she’ll appreciate.

Plus, moms are notoriously terrible at Insta, so you know she’d never be able to do this herself.

5. Beautiful foundation pieces

Why it’s a great gift: Since reluctantly trying Skims, I have become a one-woman evangelist for getting the word out (Kim! Call me! I love to work hard!).

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Now, I get it.

Giving your wife or mom something from Kim Kardashian could feel controversial, but trust me. This robe is a great (read: appropriate!) for everyone from your TikTok-loving niece to your happily retired mom.

6. Something vintage

hermes scarf on the realreal

Why it’s a great gift: I got this idea from Team SG’s Caroline, who loves TheRealReal for designer vintage finds. The site has so many great, authenticated items available at a discount.

If the mom in your life loves sustainable style AND fancy things, this is the gift for her.

7. Stylish Workout Gear

Why it’s a great gift: Moms love a matching set. Anything to make getting dressed in the morning easier.

Whether you go with the Sweaty Betty set above, or something from Alo Yoga or Girlfriend Collective, you pretty much can’t go wrong…as long as you get her size right.


Your turn! Head to Instagram and tell us:

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